24 November, 2008

So the hottest thing in the makeup world this year seems to be mascara. Be it new formulas, the drugstore brands releasing mascaras to (hopefully for them) rival the high end brands, or new concepts altogether, there is a lot of new stuff to choose from. Nothing has rocked the makeup world more though than the vibrating/spinning brush mascaras. Lancome was the first to launch it, followed shortly by Estee Lauder-both were very quickly waitlisted. While I do love a good concept for mascara, I am not sure that a vibrating object to apply mascara will be best in my clumsy hands. Not only that, but you’re paying well over $30 a tube…and I don’t have that kind of disposable income.

So one day at Fred Meyer, my mum and I saw this new Spinlash. It’s a similar concept, but instead of the wand vibrating, it actually spins in one direction or the reverse. It comes with its own mascara, however you could use it with whatever mascara you want to (um, hello blue Beauty Rush mascara!!!). It’s half the price of the others, and while I normally eschew all drugstore beauty, I was willing to give this a try.

And I have to say, I love it. I used it with the mascara that it comes with and the results were really good. It lengthened my lashes and added a bit of curl, all without having to use anything extra. I can easily do all of my lashes, top and bottom, with a lot less mess than a standard mascara.

It does say to replace the unit after 90 days or when the battery runs out, which is standard for mascaras. However, I am wondering if you were to clean it if you could use it longer…because I definitely am a big fan, and am willing to spend on mascara.

And it is the perfect gift for Christmas. I would give it to anyone who you know for sure uses makeup, as it would make a great stocking stuffer that takes up a lot of space, and it’s a new concept. Not to mention mascara is something you definitely do NOT want to run out of!


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