NARS: Safer Multiple Orgasm

24 November, 2008

I have to admit, I hate the Orgasm line from Nars. I like my makeup to be more morally sound, not promoting sex. However it is insanely popular, with the Orgasm blush being the one blush that many people use, or a staple in many makeup kits. I just prefer makeup that doesn’t have the sexual names.

One popular product is the Multiple Orgasm (I kid you not), which is a cream-based stick that can be used on eyes, lips, or cheeks to provide a pinkish colour designed to simulate…afterglow. Multiple products are amazing for people who are always on the go, because you can sweep it wherever you need, and you don’t even need a brush. How easy? Less than 2 minutes for the whole face.

Now there is the Safer Multiple Orgasm-which is the Multiple along with two condoms. Yes, condoms. A portion of the sales will go to AIDS research. The condom thing is a very good thing though because not only is safer sex better sex, but it promotes that message in a cheeky and fun way. I’ll admit it. Anything (almost) to help promote safe sex!

While I have not tried it (the Multiple), or any of the Orgasm products, this is a staple for many, and when you buy this, a portion of your proceeds go to good works.


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