Daisy vs. …Daisy?

24 November, 2008

So in my quest to find the perfect MJ Daisy giftset for myself, I find, well, a plethora of gifts! And boy, it is good, because you can get a lot of different things.

The first set I saw was one I got interested in several months back…the Deluxe set. It not only comes with a 3.4 ounce size of the EDT, but one of the solid perfume rings, and then the standard size of the body lotion, all in a gold traincase. I am definitely a fan of gold things and florals, so the traincase is a must-have for me. The ring alone is normally $30, and the 3.4 size is $72. For $13 more you get a LOT more stuff, so it to me is a no-brainer. The thing that has put me off from buying it is the cost-while I do want to spend the money, I only buy two full-price perfumes a year.Now Sephora has a smaller set-with a 1.7 of the EDT along with the ring, for $60. It is a much more viable option, but a perfume like Daisy I would run through extremely fast, so I would be better off getting the larger size. It is definitely a lot better sized for gifting though, even though it does not come with as many of the goodies. I probably would get no use out of the ring anyways, as my fingers are TINY. This set is only at Sephora, though.

Then Nordstrom has a set that I saw, and it is $80. You get a 3.4 of the EDT and a deluxe mini (the collectible, non-sprayable little bottle), along with a small rollerball and then a full-size of the body butter. This is definitely a good way to go, and if you compare it with the Deluxe set they are pretty much equal. So which wins? I still would have to go with the Deluxe set. I do like solid perfumes for hot weather, and I am a big fan of the traincase. However, if I wasn’t a traincase person, I would definitely go for the other one, as I do like the little collectibles.


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