21 November, 2008

So we all are excited for Black Friday…aren’t we?

But if you would rather hit the malls now, there are PLENTY of deals to be had. Many, in fact, better than Black Friday weekend. You can get your Christmas shopping done without dealing with the insane crowds, and then you can use Black Friday to shop for yourself! Or, vice versa. The main M.O. of Black Friday is that it is the Friday that pushes retailers’ ledgers “into the black”, and the discounts this year are insane in hopes of doing that. If you are looking for a laptop, digital camera, television, or GPS, your options are going to be looking very good-it just depends where you want to wait in line, and how early you are willing to get there. I personally would only wait out in line for something REALLY good. Black Friday, has, in an essence, always tended to be more about deals on electronics.

But this is about sales that are going on right now…and we have 5/$25 going! All Signature bodycare that is $12 or less usually is $5 each when you get 5 or more. Stocking stuffers, yes. But for those things like office exchanges and Secret Santas, you can stock up on your gifts fairly cheaply. Also, all of our baroque cosmetic bags are $3-even the super-large one. My good friend Cassie over at VS was kind enough to let me in on some of the details for their Black Friday GWP tote. It is yours free with a $60 purchase, and you get a black “bubble” tote (probably 2-D round) with samples. One of the samples is traditionally an EDP sample, and this year it will be either Dream Angels Wish (which is amazing) or the new Sexy Little Things perfume. There usually are a few other samples-last year it was Appletini lotion, Love Spell body spray, a Very Sexy mini lipstick (SOOOOOOO adorable), and a Beauty Rush lipgloss. I usually buy a decent amount from VS anyways, since I lurve the PINK line, and this gets me to spend a little more than normal.

Express usually always has a rack of sale items, and there are some great accessories on sale as well. If you are looking for some nice, chunky costume jewellery, you will like some of what is around.

Aeropostale has not only large clearances, but select women’s graphic tees for I believe $5.99, and select women’s hoodies B1G1 free. There is also a giant clearance sale, where it’s 70% off the ticket price, so you can get a polo shirt for $6 (and at mine, they just put polos in there).

And this is just from the little time I spent in the mall today! There are definitely more deals out there. And there are many websites where you can find the Black Friday ads, so if you are looking for a big-ticket item you may be set to go there.


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