Happy Friday!!!

21 November, 2008

So today, it was payday!!! YAY! However, knowing that my next paycheck is going to utterly SUCK tempers it…so the pressure was on to get a ton of Christmas shopping DONE. And I succeeded!

So my dad, he’s hard to buy for, but figure all of his stuff can be bought last minute. At Aero, I got two tees and a puka shell necklace for my brother, as well as a tee for myself, for just over $20. So essentially, my brother is done. I could get him a calendar, and I found a good one he would love-the Insult-a-Day calendar. Also maybe toss in a couple extra pairs of headphones.

Then for my mum, I didn’t get her actual present, but I got her some more stocking stuffer things-in the form of Creamy Nutmeg votives and a Vanilla Bean Noel roll-on. I have to see if she likes the Vanilla Noir, because if she does, it’s going to be easy. Signature Collection is 5/$25 at the store, for all items $12 and under…so it is an insane way to take care of stocking stuffers. And the best part? When you give full-size products, you don’t have to buy as much stuff.

Of course, it wasn’t all for others. Express had some GORGEOUS chunky costume jewellery-style necklaces and the one I got was on clearance for $10. It’s big, bright, and bejewelled, and so me. Also I got some new knee socks at VS-they have canary yellow. Yes, bright yellow. And I like how there’s only a little tag up at the top that is smaller than a dime, so that I can wear them with anything and not feel pressured to just wear them with my PINK stuff. Also got a pink snowflake print. There are definitely a lot of fun PINK doo-dads to fill a stocking with. Icepack, eyemask, journal, coinpurse, picture frame, lollies, tissues, shower cap…you name it, they have it. Except for a Coozie for your soda. Who uses those things anymore, anyways? I remember one time I was at Seattle Center when I was WAY young and Nestea was doing a thing where I believe you fished for these little magnetic fish, and you could get all sorts of prizes. One of them was a Coozie…and let’s just say while they are a popular thing to get a logo stuck on, NOBODY USES THEM ANYMORE. Oh yeah, all of the KOMO Kids Fair things I went to, where you got such crapola as plastic juice box cases, and more magnets and such than I could handle. Granted, it was fun when I was 9. But it’s definitely a laughingstock now.

Finally, I got myself the Vanilla Noir travel spray. The first thing about it is that the croc-textured part is actually a very thick sticker-but it’s not like the MAC Fafi stickers. Those were officially heinous. The sprayer is nice though. It has a full ounce of the perfume so it can go anywhere. I, personally, think it is an insane deal. It won’t be everyone’s fancy because it has a very musky tone to it-some people described it as a lumberjack vanilla. You can’t really get a feel of how it is when you’re just smelling from a vial that you rub on. I will definitely be taking this to church with me though-yes, I do a little bit o’ innocent promotion there and the ladies LOVE it!


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