MAC: Metal Urge

19 November, 2008

So next Thursday, Metal Urge is launching-and it’s a collection that some may like!

The main piece in the collection is the Brushed Metal-X shadow. It’s basically the Metal-X from last year, but with a design on top. Let’s just say though…cream shadows are a NO most of the time, and these are no exception. No matter what, I cannot get ANY cream shadow to stay on me without becoming a totally-creased mess. They may make a decent shadow base, but don’t count on it.

Also, this contains 7 different Liquidlast liners. I think that the Liquidlast are very underrated, as they are good as a liner or as a shadow base even. However, most of the colours are permanent, and the other two-Visionaire and Molten Sol-are usually at the CCO. Visionaire is definitely the nicest of the colours, as it is a baby pink. It may not be for everyone, but it is a fun one to have.

Also with this collection are four Reflects glitters. While they are not eye-safe per se, I do use them in the crease or as lower shadow. This has Blackened Red, Very Pink, Purple Duo, and Bronze. I own Very Pink, and it is a really nice colour. It is very subtle for the eyes, but on the lips I love it. Blackened Red is another good lip one, and I am excited to get the other two to work with them. If you have easy access to a Pro store, this isn’t really anything extraordinary, however if you don’t it is great to pick them up.

Finally, there are two repromoted pigments and then a brand new one. Spiritualize is a yellow green, and while it may appeal to most people I will probably be avoiding this because I don’t do a lot of green looks, and I have both Teal and Gilded Green, as well as Golden Lemon. Cocomotion and Gold Mode also are being repromoed, and it is definitely good for neutral lovers to have some pigments to pick up. Both of those clog up the CCO that I frequent though…so I can avoid.

I will more than likely be getting the three Reflects glitters I do not have, so long as money allows. I am going to be extremely short on funds and may be forced to dip into my savings if I want to get this. The glitters, since they are more coloured, will probably end up at the CCO, so this isn’t exactly a run-out-and-get-it type of collection.


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