Vanilla Noir

17 November, 2008

So tonight, I got my little sample vial of Vanilla Noir, which is our first new fragrance in the new restage packaging-and I have to say, this is a must-have. We are officially launching it on the 1st of December…and I can give you a sneak peek.

This differs very greatly from Warm Vanilla Sugar. Warm Vanilla Sugar is a very sweet vanilla, not exactly a cookie, but it’s got something in it that flattens it out in a way. I do like it however it has a bit of a popsicle stick smell to it. A little woodiness, if you ask me…but it’s still sweet. It’s like the day vanilla. Well Vanilla Noir is a musky vanilla. You get the vanilla all the way through to the heart of the fragrance. There seems to be sandalwood and musk in there, as well as gardenia. There also does seem to be a little orange to it also, but not as much as L de Lolita Lempicka. In fact, I would say that would be the closest comparison…and it isn’t even a great comparison. There is that vanilla-y, musky tone to it, but L has a lot more of the orange and then Immortelle (immortal flower), whereas this is vanilla.

I would say that this is good for somebody who loves vanillas, obviously. It’s also good for a bit older of a person-it’s not exactly the best for teenagers, as they might find it to be TOO dark. Dark it is, but overpowering it is not. This isn’t the LBD-I consider it to be more of the red satin dress: sexy and alluring, but never ordinary. It screams confident and sexy, and I personally love it because THERE IS NO PATCHOULI! Patchouli, as we all know, is hideous…and anything with it makes me smell bad.

It will be available starting on the 1st of December in selected forms, including EDT travel sprayer, powder spray, bath pearls, home fragrance, and then a wide selection of bodycare.


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