17 November, 2008

1. The last three things I did: Grabbed a soda, checked on the lasagna, soaked my feet.

2. Next purchase I will make: Coffee.

3. Next material purchase I will make: Clothes, for Ian’s Christmas present.

4. Current weather: Cloudy, somewhat warm for November…it has been fairly mild this fall.

5. Coldest part on your body: Feet, but they are always cold-so I always wear socks at night, and I soak them in extremely hot water for 5+ minutes a day.

6. Next holiday plans: Next holiday for me is Thanksgiving, and I’m going to be going to dinner at 5, then coming home, putting my rollers in, and sleeping til I dunno when, since schedules are not up yet.

7. Next chore to do: Obviously cleaning my room, but besides that clean the bathroom.

8. Annoyance: The constant mewing of the cats.

9. Current perfume: Missoni

10. Eating: Cheese lasagna.


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