Friday’s Budget Beauty Buys

15 November, 2008

So today, in an attempt to kill time, I discovered some GREAT buys on makeup and such! And they aren’t hard to find, either. You just have to know where to look-and I found them.

First off is how I get OPI and Essie for cheap. The easiest way is to buy them when a place like ULTA has B2G1 free, however if you look around very carefully in ULTA and places like Trade Secret, you will find clearance shades. I picked up, at Trade Secret, an iridescent silver-blue called See Ya Later, Sailor!, for $3.40. They also had some nice Essie shades, but I wanted this as it seemed nice. It also goes with Aruba Blue, which I am wearing on my toes now. Aruba Blue is the sex, as some would say. ULTA traditionally has a nice clearance area-but you need to look down every aisle because it’s not always the most visible. They had a decent selection of clearance shades, actually a lot more, but it tended to be the pale colours. So if you’ve got a hankering for some cheap nail polish, check out clearances. It will be about the same as Revlon or Cover Girl, but the quality is way better. When I was in ULTA, I was searching through the clearance and saw…AN URBAN DECAY ITEM!!!! FOR $4!!! Yes, I’m not joking. It was an “Afterglow” blush, and it is in a nice, durable case. Figure for $4, it doesn’t matter if I like it or not…I can always use blusher. They also had some 100% Pure gift sets. It’s a nice line, with many products being organic. Well they had a sampler set of four scrubs for I believe $16-originally well over $30. There are also tons of Revlon and Covergirl products, so it is worth your time to hunt because the bargains are INSANE.

This isn’t as much of a beauty buy, but our hand soaps are on sale 4/$10. I got three bottles of the brand new Frosted Orange Cream, and boy is it amazing. It is way better than the Mango Mandarin ever was…it should be a permanent fragrance in the hand soaps. Also I picked up the Marshmallow Mentha lip shine, to add to my stash. It is insane how many glosses I have…I have 13 of the 27 Liplicious that have ever been made full-size in the classic tube (the others, DO NOT WANT), and of the Bigelow? 19 of 36. I have two of the three special-edition small sets, including the Summer set that had Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit. I also have the Ginger (which sold out), and multiples of pretty much everything except for, so far, the new holiday shades. I also don’t keep backups of the Cinnamint, as I rarely use it. Anywhoo, if I was kissing a guy I would wear the Marshmallow. It has a little mint, but not enough to make you cringe, and it is oh-so-sweet. Gotta have fresh breath for those, ahem, oral activities.

And hopefully it will be a case of atomizer, here I come. I have to remember that Black Friday falls on a week opposite my payday, so pretty much all my spending next week will be on Ian’s Aero present. I got an F&F coupon, and he loves Aero…now it’s just hiding it in my room for the next 40 days.


On a bad note though…I sprayed on some Magnetism by Escada to try it, since it looked intriguing. It smelled nice at first, but two hours later I am met by a god-awful patchouli note that made me wanna hurl. Nothing sexy about that perfume.


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