Yay For Days Off!

13 November, 2008

So I actually get a day off! Well, I get too many, but after dealing with all the shit I have to…let’s just say a day or two every now and then is greatly appreciated. It gives me time to do laundry (which accumulates…I do laundry once every three weeks or so, but then it adds up to multiple loads), watch fun TV (there was a PBS special on the Queen’s state visit to the US back in early 07), and just relax-which is important, as Thanksgiving is coming up.

One of my favourite things to do is to browse the Yahoo Answers. Some of them are valid, but others are dumb-like “How can I convince my mum to let me get snakebites?”. (Snakebites, BTW, are the double lip rings) Seriously, all the girls these days are getting snakebites and lip rings. Back when I was 13-14, it was the bellybutton. Then later in high school, it became the nostril. Now it’s the lip ring. The nose and bellybutton have lost no popularity, in fact they are still getting done. However…the lip ring automatically looks a bit trashier in most cases. There are some girls who get it done, and it looks nice-but the lip ring is usually the result of the whole emo/scene/hipster look, which I abhor. If I see one more pair of plaid skinny jeans…What I am trying to say though is that the bellybutton is nice, because it is like jewelry for an area that takes a lot of work to maintain, and the nostril can be classy so long as the stud is small and it isn’t cheap metal. If it looks like an earring, it is too big for a nostril stud…and I’ve seen girls with 6mm balls as the stud. Um, GROSS!!! On the converse though, I have wanted a bellybutton piercing since Britney got one (call me crazy…), but I am not thin enough in the stomach area to warrant getting one. The nostril was easiest-and with mine, many people don’t notice it at first. Let’s just say, there’s quite a few mall employees who have wonky ones that you notice the stud from a mile away.

I am also excited because even though I do not know my Black Friday schedule yet, I am sure to get enough sleep, since our dinner reservations are at 5 PM. Not only that, but it’s at the favourite restaurant of my parents, and my mum talked to the chef and he is specially-making my dinner. For Thanksgiving, there is a more limited menu-and seeing as I eat no meat, it is harder, so they are making me a pasta dish. Nom nom nom…that, unlimited foccacia, and strawberry lemonade. It will be our fourth year of eating out on Thanksgiving, and I would not have it any other way. Sure, there’s the fact that we get what we want-but it is also stress-free. No slaving over a meal all day, no being bored at the grandparents…just sitting at home, doing nothing, and then going out for a nice meal. Then I come home, try and sleep, and go to work.

One thing that annoys me is that the F&F coupons that many places in the mall give us are for off-weeks for us-meaning the weeks that we don’t get paid. Granted, no good ones have come lately (Perfumania). We have OUR F&F coming around the corner, but I don’t have anybody who would be buying. Also, many of them hit when I don’t have a ton of money to work with, either. I have most of my mum’s Christmas present done, but I still have another decent amount to spend.

Don’t even get me started on trees…we can’t have them. The cats always had a field day, and since they are athletic, they run and jump and leap and almost knocked our last tree over. Oy. Not fun.


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