New ULTA Ad!

13 November, 2008

So I got my new ULTA ad in the mail…and it’s definitely approaching Christmastime! Not only can you get a robe for free with a fragrance purchase over a certain amount, but you can do the 5/$5 deal. It’s an amazing stocking stuffer deal-mirrors, hair accessories, some ULTA beauty products… Now I tend to be really picky. However, the glitter eyeliners and nailpolishes are good for a younger audience, and if you are wanting to put together a spa basket on the cheap you can’t go wrong with fizzies, pumice, and so forth. The hair accessories, honestly, aren’t that bad, and at this price you can put together a little gift for those Secret Santa things that inevitably come up. There is always more selection in-store, so it is worth it to check it out.

Essie and OPI polishes are B2G1 free! It’s good for stocking up as well as gifting. The thing I hate though is that it has to be the same brand, as I use both. It is still a good opportunity to get some new guys to try, as well as some classics. I LOVE I’m Not Really A Waitress, it’s the perfect sultry red.All Caboodles traincases will be B1G1 50% off. I love Caboodles cases, as they are fairly inexpensive but great quality. I have the metal one with black lace, and it holds a decent amount of stuff-although I do need a new one for all my crap. I also need some vanity trays, and these are also on the deal. Likewise, no combining brands. They would be good to help keep my stuff out, as if it’s in the traincase, I rarely ever touch it.

For only $10, Pop Beauty has a mini shadow palette for smokey eyes with 12 different shades. The surprising thing is that many shades are colours, not just blacks and greys.

Urban Decay has a Heavy Metal liner set, with Stage Dive, a green shade that I have heard will become permanent. The set is great to get though because it’s $36-so you essentially are getting one liner for free. With how much new MAC stuff is coming out in early 09, I need to save money wherever I can. Headbanger(the purple liner) is amazing.

The other main thing is that many hair appliances are on sale. If you are needing to get a new hairdryer, flat iron, or whatever, this is the right time to do so.

And usually, they have a special as Black Friday gets closer, so if you are a Rewards Club member, make sure to check your mailbox.


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