Best of: 2008

13 November, 2008

It’s the end of the year-and I am going to be voting in my favourite products for Best of 2008! Most of the products are MAC, and they are NOT all new. It’s basically about what I discovered, and what my products for 2008 were.

Face category

Best Blush: Spaced Out (from Neo Sci-Fi)
Why? I am not a huge blush person-I usually keep the cheeks a bit more neutral, going for bronze, if anything. This fits the bill for me, as it is a Sheertone Shimmer blush, and a mauve-ish bronze, with some gold to boot. It’s very wearable for most skintones, and it can transition from the brights of summer to the brights of fall quite easily. Yes, I do brights year-round.

Best Powder: Northern Light MSF and Petticoat MSF (it’s a tie!)
Why? Northern Light was my very first skinfinish, and the effect is amazing. I only need to quickly sweep it on, and voila-my face is amazing. Petticoat is very much the same thing-on my paler skin, it can act as a blush. Not to mention, these skinfinishes are a work of art.

Best Highlighter: Dancing Light beauty powder
Why? This powder is in a loose form, so I can get a lot more at a time on the brush. It’s very good for when my face lightens back up, or anytime just to give it a nice, candlelit glow. It also would be very easy to mix a little with some lotion to create a shimmer for the body.

Best Eye Palette: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box
Why? This is the ultimate palette for any makeup fanatic. If you like neutrals, there are three. If you like brights, there are three. There’s also a dark purple, a black, and then a gold-so you can create hundreds of different looks with this. It has enough shadows to where many people won’t need to buy any others-and not to mention, it is 9 high quality shadows for $36.

Best Highlight Shadow: Solar White
Why? I like a nice, frosty shadow to be a highlight. This is amazing to have, because at first, it looks like Crystal Avalanche but with gold instead of the silver. Then when you put it on, it is a warm highlight when indoors-but out in the sun, it looks like whitened gold. It is a must-have, and I use sparingly since I am so scared to run out.

Best Bright Shadow: Bright Sunshine
Why? This is a shadow that is truly unique-I have not seen a shadow on the market like this. Yes, it’s yellow, but it is a frosty yellow, and a bright one. Usually brighter yellows are mattes, or frosty yellows are pale. It is harder to work with at first, but if you apply with a pencil liner brush and over a primer, it goes on so nice and bright.

Best Subdued Shadow: Beautiful Iris
Why? This shadow not only has a great colour and great finish, but it is easy to wear alone for the day, or smoked up. It’s a great base shadow to have if you are a fan of purples, or if you like pastels that actually show up. I JUST hit pan on this one, which is a testament to how good it is.

Best Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Covet
Why? The UD liners are a great investment-I can’t take anything that tugs, so I prefer something a bit more kohl-like. This one is an emerald-green that lasts, and lasts, and lasts. Since I do a lot of multi-colour looks, this liner is absolutely a must-have…that is, when I do pencil liner, as I normally do powder with a 212 brush.

Best Mascara: Lancome Definicils Pro and Diorshow
Why? Definicils Pro has a unique brush-it’s curved, so mascara application is foolproof. It is the easiest application, and I find that with my lashes essentially being perfect, I don’t need anything elaborate. However, I do love Diorshow because it makes my lashes BIG. I already have big lashes, but this gives me false-lash drama, and is definitely worth the $24 price tag.

Best Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion and MAC Shell CCB
Why? Every makeup addict knows about the greatness that is UDPP-and most have a bottle or two at the ready. It’s the eyeshadow base that makes your shadows last, helps prevent creasing, and really brings out the colours. It’s the only way I can get Bright Sunshine to show up as bright as it is on the pot when I put it on. And when it comes to the holiday season, this may help me cut down on my makeup toting, as I won’t have to do touch-ups. I like Shell CCB for similar reasons-it makes a great, shimmery base, but it isn’t as tacky as UDPP so it’s a lot easier for me to blend. I used this when doing makeup for some friends, and the makeup held until the next morning (because they crashed right after the party)…and I did the makeup at 8 AM.

Best tube lipgloss: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Cupquake
Why? I love the light purple colour of this-but the main thing that gets me about it is the shimmer and the flavour. It actually tastes like a cupcake-and smells amazing too. I heard it got discontinued though, unfortunately…which is a big, BIG mistake.

Best coral lipgloss: MAC Silly Girl and MAC Shine Manish
Why? I love my oranges, and while this may be more peach than orange, it’s a universally-flattering colour that works well on me all year round, as well as being my lazy gloss. It has the right amount of frost and the right amount of pearl to it to keep me interested-and when you wear this, you will never be over-made up. Shine Manish is a definite orange-y coral. It’s very well pigmented, so no lipstick is needed with this one, and you can wear this with bright looks, or alone to brighten up the whole face.

Best pink lipgloss: MAC Pink Manish and MAC Ms. Fizz
Why? Pink Manish is a nicely pigmented warm pink with some shimmer, and it is a nice basic gloss. Yes, glosses like it can be a dime a dozen, but this one stands out, and it isn’t just due to the packaging. Meanwhile Ms. Fizz was one of the first Dazzleglasses that I bought, and in the sun, DAMN. It makes my lips look big and wet and glittery. I can wear it alone, and I usually do, however when over Hollywood Nights or a lipstick like that, it gives it a nice base.

Best red lipgloss: MAC Cult of Cherry and Chanel Spark
Why? Cult of Cherry is an absolute must-have. It’s a red, but it’s got some frost to it, and it’s warm enough so that it is wearable by more people, more often. I regret not getting a backup of it, but the CCO just might get some in…I dunno. Meanwhile, Spark is a very nice, more subdued shade. It is definitely one that a neutrals-lover would go for, as it is a non-obtrusive earthen red shade that gives the lips a nice tint. Plus the Glossimer finish is very nice, and worth the $26.

Best plum lipgloss: Date Night
Why? I hate plums normally, however this is a really nice colour-more of a browned eggplant to me. It’s got blue multidimensional pearl to it, and looks great over many lipsticks. It’s good when you want the glitter, but also a more neutral colour.

Other best lipglosses: Pleasure Principle
Why? Pure, unabashed shimmer. Sure, you could compare it to Snowgirl lipglass-but then you are missing the point. The whole point is that this has a better texture and so many colours of the reflects that it is, as some people would say, sex.

Best pink lipstick: Tropic Glow and Girl About Town
Why? Girl About Town is a permanent shade, however it is a really nice fuschia. It’s not so bright as to make it totally unwearable, but this is not a lipstick for the shy or timid. It screams “GO-GETTER!!!” Meanwhile, Tropic Glow is still bright, but more subdued. It’s a slimshine, so it’s glossy from the get-go, and it has shimmer, but it’s a nice pink that screams summer.

Best red lipstick: Oh Garnet, Port Red, and Flash-n-Dash
Why? Oh Garnet showed up in Colour Forms Warm Lips…and that is worth the price of the palette alone. It is an absolute must-have colour, a nice WARM red-almost bordering more on mauve due to the pink-and under glosses it is amazing. Port Red is a true red, and a frosty one at that-meaning a whole helluva lot more wearable. On the other end of the red spectrum is Flash-n-Dash-a glaze, which has become a rarer finish for the lipsticks. It is gorgeous because it not only is a warm tomato red, but it’s very shimmery. I find that this lipstick actually makes my lips softer. Must be the shimmer…

Other: Electro
Why? It’s orange-but it’s a lustre, so worn right, it looks coral. Absolute must-have when Neo Sci-Fi launched, I will get a backup at the CCO of it.

Best Permanent Pigment: Violet, Fuschia, Silver Fog
Best LE pigment (2008): Mutiny
Best LE pigment (previous years): Helium


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