12 November, 2008

This is a ton of currents!!!

1. Mood: Annoyed, tired, bored, yet somehow full of energy.

2. Makeup: My crazy eye look (Bright Sunshine, Jones, Aquadisiac, Rose Blanc, Engaging, Graffiti, and a basic Sephora liner), and then Petticoat MSF and Pink Swoon blush.

3. Beverage: None, but if I wasn’t so lazy it would be hot chocolate.

4. Clothes: Pink robe from Aeropostale, black Soffe shorts with white piping, and a green VS rhinestone-encrusted bra. (I am trying to get it stretched out…the pitfalls of having an odd-number for your bust measurement)

5. Sound: Cats snoring, and rain.

6. Food: Again, none. I am STUFFED.

7. Bedroom: Messy, dank, and cold. Hopefully these next two days off will give me time to do SOMETHING with that mess…

8. Plans: Well for tomorrow, it’s work in my room, then walk Greenlake, then work some more. Thursday is the same thing, if I don’t get called into work. Friday I work in the morning, then come home and do laundry. Saturday is probably grocery shopping, and then more laundry. Sunday is church and a store meeting. Monday, so far free, but Greenlake is included in the plans. Tuesday I work during the day (with Starr…yay!), and then I MIGHT hit Greenlake.

9. Wishlist item: A 187 brush.

10. Perfume: None at the moment, however the last one I sprayed was Ibiza Hippie. When I’m working in the back end of the store, you aren’t really spraying yourself.


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