Sephora Scent Samplers

12 November, 2008

So I am a perfume addict. It’s no secret. And Sephora has heard my cry about wanting to try a ton of different ones WITHOUT buying. So their big thing? The Scent Sampler. Each one retails for about $50, and you get sample spray-vials (for the most part) of about 10 perfumes, plus an atomizer-and a coupon to get a FULL-SIZE of your favourite for FREE. It is definitely good for Christmas, as it is a giftcard but better, and it’s good for travel to get the small ones-and just good to have, period.

The first set is the Trendsetter set. It is $50, and it has the following perfumes:
Lolita Lempicka “Fleur de Corail”
Christian Dior “Dior Addict Shine”
JPG “Ma Dame”
Prada “Infusion d’Iris”
Emilio Pucci “Vivara”
Burberry “Brit Sheer”
Emporio Armani “Diamonds Intense”
Nina Ricci “Nina”
Salvatorre Ferragamo “Incanto Heaven”

As far as the one I would go with, obviously it would be Fleur de Corail, since I am a slave to Lolita Lempicka perfume. However, most of the perfumes, from the descriptions I have read, are ones I would go with, thankfully free of patchouli (for the most part).The next sampler set is the Best Sellers set, with 10 different fragrances:
Aquolina “Pink Sugar”
Vera Wang “Princess”
Marc Jacobs “Daisy”
Stella McCartney “Stella”
Bvlgari “Omnia Crystalline”
Calvin Klein “Euphoria”
Givenchy “Very Irresistible Sensual”
Gwen Stefani “L”
Lavanilla “Vanilla Grapefruit”
Philosophy “Amazing Grace”

As far as what I would come home with, it would be Daisy as my first priority, since I have had my eye on that for a good year or so now. I am planning on buying one of the many giftsets that has it though, so it will be good for me to try other fragrances, at my own pace.

If you are a Beauty Insider, there is a set that is $70, and has 8 DELUXE samples. I’m talking the little collectible bottles. If you are somebody who collects little bottles, this is a must-have, nevermind the fact that you also get the free perfume. You get:
Marc Jacobs “Daisy”
Prada “Prada”
Bvlgari “Rose Essentielle”
YSL “Elle”
Vera Wang “Princess”
Givenchy “Very Irresistible”
Donna Karan “Cashmere Mist”
DKNY “Be Delicious”

Of this one, Daisy is the obvious choice, however I am interested to try the Prada and the DKNY. Elle is ATROCIOUS. I thought I would like it, with peony and berries-but you get hit in the jaw with patchouli from the get-go. NO THANK YOU.

Also for $70, there is the New Classics sampler. It has 8 little guys, and this one is definitely an unusual one-real classics with new ones.
Hanae Mori “Butterfly”
Thierry Mugler “Angel”
Marc Jacobs “Marc Jacobs”
Prada “Prada”
Cartier “Delices de Cartier Eau Fruitee”
Guerlain “Shalimar”
Vera Wang “Vera Wang”
Robert Piquet “Fracas”

Of these, I am interested to try Fracas, as I do love tuberose. Angel I can avoid, as I hate patchouli. Ditto on Shalimar, I tried it and hated it. The Cartier one might appeal though.

Finally, there is a set for all of the men out there. I know nothing about men’s perfumes (except that Chrome is garbage), and I don’t have a man to smell perfume on. So…yeah.


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