MAC Little Darlings: Review

8 November, 2008

So today, I went to pick up my two little sets that I had on preorder, and I do have to say I was quite pleased. I only got two of the Lipglass sets, however after seeing them in person I seriously could have bought the cool pigments set. Pictures do not do it justice-you have to try it IRL. The same goes for the warm, but I would get the cool since it has more variety in colour.

Anyways, the two sets I bought were the coral and the pink. Each one has 3 Lipglass and then two Lustreglass. It’s good because many of the products in these are WAY old LE products, although sadly, Flash of Flesh has not returned in this form yet.

Read what I thought of them now!

Coral set

Pink Grapefruit: This shade was released in one of last year’s Lipglass sets, and it just came back in Neo Sci-Fi. It is a great shade to have if you are into warm lips, as it is an orange-y bronze. I don’t have a ton of use for a little one of it, since I have the full-size, but as I start using smaller bags it will get used.
Ola Mango!: This is definitely more orange. The best comparison, honestly, would be Silly Girl, but with more orange, a bit darker, and with just plain shimmer-not the multidimensional pearl. I love it and was mainly getting it just for that colour, after all! It was originally released, IIRC, with C-Squeeze a few years back.
Underage: This is a permanent shade, and it’s more of a cream. It is also the lightest shade in the bunch, so I do not know how much use I would get out of it. I’m not as much into the cream lipglasses, and I don’t like lights.
Wonderstruck: This is a permanent Lustreglass, and it is a very nice shade. You are definitely getting a coral-pink in this one.
Budding: The final one in this is a repromo from Culturebloom. It’s brighter and pinker than Wonderstruck, and a very gorgeous shade. It’s nothing like anything that I already have, so it’s one that if I like it a lot, I could seek out in a full-size.

Fleur De Light: This is a light pink-however it has pearl to it, and it has enough pink to it to work with my bright eyes. I wore it this evening along with a funky multi-coloured eye look, and I have to say it worked out really well.
Song & Dance: This is the one I could see myself getting the least use out of from this set, as it is a very neutral creamy pink. Actually, I barely see any pink in here. I am sure that when I get a chance to try it on, it might be nice-however I am writing this one off for the moment.
Magnetique: This is by far THE star of the set. It’s a repromo from Belle Azure, as well as Nocturnelle, and it is a blue-toned fuschia. It is a frost lipglass, thankfully. It is more purple than Girl About Town, however it looks amazing with it. Colour-wise, it’s very similar to Funtabulous Dazzleglass.
Flashmode: Both of the Lustreglasses are permanent, and this is a fuschia with white pearl. It’s warmer than Magnetique, and it has the shimmer, so it definitely appears to be on the pinker side.
Little VI: The other Lustreglass is Little VI, and it’s definitely purple. In a way, it oddly enough reminds me of Star Violet eyeshadow.

So is it worth it to get the sets? Yes. They are good to give as a whole, or to break apart and give as little gifts. They’re also good to have on hand for travel, especially the pigments-because even if you’re a pigment junkie like me, you will not run through a jar of pigment in even a month. It’s also a way to get very rare colours. Previous pigment sets have included Maroon, Helium (not exactly rare…but still VERY expensive), and then some rare glitters like Absolute Gold and Hottest Pink. The only colour though that could really inspire a run to the counters would PROBABLY be Flash of Flesh. I dunno, but I hate lipglasses in palettes. And if you would buy the set for only one or two shades, you can give the rest away, or use them for experimentation.


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