Lancome: Winter 2008

7 November, 2008

So Lancome is definitely putting out a lot of very interesting things this holiday season! Probably, though, none so coveted as the new Oscillation mascara. It can be yours for $34, and it’s a spinning, vibrating mascara wand. I am definitely interested in trying it out, however I don’t have the cash to buy mascara right now (I have a buttload of samples), so this will have to wait. I am also wary of having anything near my eyes, because I do not have steady hands. Also, I can get Spinlash at Fred Meyer for about $16…and the best part is, I can use it with any mascara I want.

There are two new Colour Design quads-Hollywood Seduction and Glamour Premiere. Hollywood Seduction has three neutral-ish shades, and then a cobalt blue, while Glamour Premiere has burgundies. The Colour Design shadows are quite decent in quality, and if you aren’t going for a ton of artistry, they are great to have. Even the sponge-tip applicators aren’t that bad, as I do get decent payoff from them. My thing is that I never touch any of my Lancome stuff anymore so this would be a waste for me, unfortunately.One new product is the Colour Design Stylo. It’s a little package that looks like liquid eyeliner, but instead it’s loose powder shadow. While it is a good concept, the package itself looks VERY cheap, as it is the same sort of thing that a lot of downmarket brands use for their loose shadows. The shades though look to be well suited to it-shimmery and perfect for a highlight.

There’s a new blush and shadow palette. It has some nice shades (Filigree, Avant Gold) as well as Mocha Havana and Cedar Rose blushes. The latter of the two is actually my mum’s old standard! It’s $52.50, and if you love Lancome or you love neutral eyes, this is going to be a winner. The palette itself is VERY substantial, it’s one that you could almost tear the guts out and use as a clutch or wallet afterwards. However, I would have absolutely no use for this, as I don’t even use the one I have from the Nordie’s sale. Also, on the palette note, there are two different 6-shadow palettes. They aren’t anything interesting to me, although Starlette & Stunning does seem to have some decent shades.

If you love Lancome mascaras, there’s a $68.50 set that you will love. It has FULL-SIZES of their Definicils and Virtuouse mascaras, as well as Cils Booster XL. I am a big fan of the Cils Booster-I do have long lashes, but this makes them look almost like a damn good set of falsies. You also get Vue eyeshadow (another one of my mum’s old standards) and Raisin Noir eye pencil. In a cute bag, to boot!

The perfume sets are also trotted out for this time of year. My personal favourite is Hypnose, and for $64, you get a set with a 1.7 perfume, a 3.4 of both lotion and body wash, and then a deluxe miniature. Deluxe minis are just something you buy to collect-they have no real use. Trust me. I have them for 5 Escadas and then for L. You can also find good deals on many of the other perfumes, including their new one, Magnifique.

Also of note is a travel face brush set for $55. The reason I say this is because I have heard of complaints about the Adoring Carmine brush sets, especially the face ones. This has a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a highlighting brush (looks like a 187), and then a powder brush. You won’t get the contour blush, but you will get a decent powder brush. For about $5 more than the MAC (unless you are shopping at Nordie’s), you can get better quality brushes. I have a Lancome shadow brush from years ago, and it’s amazing quality. Nothing was skimped on.

There is a Juicy Tubes gift set-where you get 8 minis including three LE shades for about $40. I’m honestly not a huge fan of the Juicy Tubes-I have Liplicious loyalty-but this is a must-gift for any other lipgloss addict.


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