Time Cruncher!

5 November, 2008

So I’ll be honest with you. I LOVE SLEEP. However, it’s a mortal sin to leave the house without makeup on. Many times I am willing to sacrifice a half hour just to get my face put on, but some mornings you cannot do that. Luckily, I have found a few easy ways to cut down on the amount of time you spend doing makeup in the morning-while still managing to have the full look done. Granted, I don’t do concealer or foundation, so it isn’t AS applicable. But there are some good things that are tried and true by me.

1. Eyeliners. You can just do a neutral shade on the lid, or a shade like Crystal Avalanche all over-and then do top and bottom liner with a bright colour. It’s very quick and easy, and it brings a little pop of colour to the face.2. Palettes. Many places sell full-face palettes, and the reason why I say these is because they usually have multiple products all in one case. I did mention the mark Flip for It cases, and they have two shadows, one blush, and four lip products-so you can very easily create the look you want without having to dig in your makeup bag.

3. Avoid loose product. This is a no-brainer, especially when the place I sometimes do my makeup is the bus. But you really do not want to be fumbling around with a jar of pigment or anything when you are in a big hurry-and you don’t want to be using shadows or things that are harder to work with. The one exception is if I use primer, which is a must for me as I need it in order to make my colours vivid and bright.

4. Plan out simple looks. I tend to have a few go-to looks in my rotation that when I cannot think of anything, I do them. They are on the more elaborate side-but they don’t need to be. They can be as simple as two colours of shadow, mascara, liner, blush, and lipstick in your chosen colours. But it’s a case of you don’t have to worry about doing as much. Some things, like putting a bit of colour in the crease, can take a minute in the car or on the bus. Heck, it is possible to do a full face on the bus, just not the easiest to do mascara while it is moving.

5. Skip something. It’s perfectly okay to do a clear gloss, or to skip mascara for a day.


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