Daily Makeup Bag

4 November, 2008

So I am definitely somebody who gets a lot of crap from people for carrying around too much stuff. My makeup bag, after all, is bigger than most purses. I get asked, “Can’t you condense?” Yes, I can. However, I frequently do changes to my looks, so I keep a variety of products that can be used to change a look. Also many times I have to do my makeup on the bus, as I do have a tendency to oversleep.

For most people, these core products will tend to include a lot of neutrals, with maybe one or two colour products. Back before I really got into makeup, I could use a tiny-tiny purse, as my main makeup piece were the mark Hook Ups. The crystal shimmers are amazing-like the Beauty Powders, but not as overly glittery. The lipglosses are really nice, with a decent amount of colour. And you can get eyeliner, mascara, blush, you name it. However as I grew into more and more makeup usage…they became a little obsolete for me. If you are into saving a lot of space or just looking for some fun, cheap add-ons, these are definitely a way to go. Since my makeup collection was on the smaller side anyways, they were real nice. I just needed those, my phone, my wallet, hand cream, sanitizer, a pen, and then I was good to go. Now…definitely different. I’m actually going to challege myself to do the same size purse one of these days. My purse of choice is the VS Pink everyday tote, which fits what I need.

So what is currently in the makeup case of doom? Well, take a look and see!Eyeshadows

MAC Bright Sunshine
MAC Crystal Avalanche
MAC Star Violet
MAC Beautiful Iris
MAC Rose Blanc
MAC Moon’s Reflection
MAC Sushi Flower
MAC Angelcake
MAC In Living Pink
MAC Solar White
MAC Aquadisiac
MAC Engaging
Napoleon Perdis Private Ocean
Urban Decay Jones
Eyes on Manish palette
Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box

Why these? The three highlight shades depend on the look. Crystal Avalanche is for my brights, Rose Blanc for my pastels/neutrals, and Solar White for blues/greens. I have Beautiful Iris and Star Violet to create a purple look, and Sushi Flower, Angelcake, and In Living Pink for my pink looks. Aquadisiac is good for my brights and teals, while Moon’s Reflection is good for looks that need a subtle colour. Bright Sunshine is very versatile-I do a variety of bright looks, as well as my infamous sunset look. Jones is really good for the sunset look, as well as to wear on its own with a very contrasting crease and liner colour. Engaging can be used anywhere! Finally, the two palettes are good for many of the same reasons-a lot of brights. The MAC one has a bunch of different colours, while the UD only has 4 that I really use-but they are worth the cost of the product.

Golden Lemon
Silver Fog

Why these? Golden Lemon is amazing anywhere-it looks bright yellow, but goes on gold. Fuschia is a true pink, and as a lover of pink eyes, this is essential. The same can be said about Violet for my love of purple eye looks. Mutiny is a true original-a frosty sky blue-and it works so well in many looks. Silver Fog is a nice highlight, as well as a colour that would be good to use on the cheeks, mixed with other colours. Finally there is Helium-a very sadly hated pigment by many, but an essential for me. It can be used anywhere and mixed with a lot of different colours in order to get a look that is right. I love the red duochrome that it has to it-there is no other pigment that has it.

Face stuff
Devil blush
Pink Swoon blush
Petticoat MSF
So Ceylon MSF
Glissade MSF
Northern Light MSF

Why these? Devil and Pink Swoon are exactly what I need out of a blush-a nice pink for everyday, and then a bright red that can be used for amping up a look. I do love the red though! The Skinfinishes are nice too. Petticoat is a nice pink and can be used alone as a blusher. The same usage can apply to Northern Light, which is a reddish-toned bronzer. So Ceylon is a brown-toned bronzer, and it is easy to wear, despite the dark colour (thank the fact that it is mineralized). Finally, Glissade is an all-over highlight that is the usage of a Beauty Powder, but is way more portable.

Kiss Manish lipstick
Girl About Town lipstick
Lollipop Lovin’ lipstick
Sci-Fi-Delity lipstick
Port Red lipstick
Shine Manish lipglass
Pink Manish lipglass
Rich & Ripe lipglass
Silly Girl lipglass
Love Alert Dazzleglass
Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass
Colour Forms Warm Lips palette

Why these? Kiss Manish is a rusty red-it’s very easy to wear, and goes with anything. Port Red is your basic red-every girl needs at least one! Girl About Town is a bright fuschia, but it works well with any look that I do, and we need more folks willing to rock brighter lips. Lollipop Lovin’ is a pale salmon pink with green pearl, and it looks good under lipglasses. Finally Sci-Fi-Delity is a bronzey-toned lipstick that is good under at least 5 different lipglasses that I own, and it’s good for the summer as it is bronzey. Onto the glosses-Silly Girl is my favourite lipglass. It’s a peach with multidimensional pearl, and many counters sold it out within a couple days of Balloonacy launching (from what I heard). Rich & Ripe is a pinkish-toned muted red with the same pearl as Silly Girl, and it is very well pigmented but still looks neutral enough to not clash. Shine Manish is a definite coral-orange, and it looks amazing with bright eyes. Pink Manish is definitely dupeable, however it is a nice warm pink and it does have amazing coverage. Love Alert is a nice red, so I can wear it over most lip stuff I own. Pleasure Principle is good for when I am too lazy for a ton of colour, as the pearl and glitter are second to none. Finally, I can’t mention this without the Colour Forms Warm Lips. I normally hate palettes unless they have tons of bright shadows, or insane packaging (ie the Adorn palettes, Manish Arora), but the minute that I heard this had Flash of Flesh in there, which was a very coveted colour, I had some interest. Then I hear it has Oh Garnet…and it’s sold. Oh Garnet may just be my favourite lipstick-it’s similar to Rich & Ripe in colour, and it has great coverage. It is hell to apply with a lip brush, and my cheapy one is permanently going to be stained that colour. I am willing to pay up to $30 just to track it down (well at least when I get me some cash).

As far as other stuff I carry:

A MAC glitter, usually Reflects Gold or 3D Silver
Diorshow mascara
Lancome Cils Booster
Delphic Fluidline
Urban Decay Zero eyeliner
And of course, my MAC brushes!


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