3 November, 2008

So yesterday I had the chance to go to the Warehouse Sale. It’s a giant sale of designer denim-think Seven’s, True Religion-as well as shirts and such from other big brands, ie Ed Hardy. It’s a giant traveling sale, and I figured I might be able to find some jeans there that satisfy me: they have to be generously sized in the thigh area, and they have to be the shortest inseam you can find that is still a long jean. (That means, not capri) I was definitely wrong. There is a lot more selection in smaller sizes, and you definitely need to not only be patient, but have a decent amount of cash with you. Also I was not trying anything on, as they had community dressing rooms. I definitely do not do those.

As far as shirts go, they had a good amount of Ed Hardy, and it was hard deciding between the bright yellow and the black-however I do like the black. At $40, it was the most I have ever paid for a tee in my life, but I love the sparrows for some odd reason. But I mainly came for the jeans…and failed. The shirt though is nice. The thing about Ed Hardy shirts is that the basic tees are not long tees-they’re a normal length, which is fine, but I am used to something with a bit of length to it, ya know? Since I am on the bustier side, and I do have a somewhat long torso for my height, I like a little length.However, all was not lost-as Nordie’s Rack ALWAYS has a good selection of Joe’s, and even some size 30 Provacateur jeans! However, I am eyeing the Swarovski ones. If I had $110 handy right now to cover the cost plus tax, I would have those bad boys in a New York Minute. They are the Honey fit so they would have to get tailored like crazy…however the hope is that because they are a curvy fit, I could go down to a 29 or even 28. You can also get Juicy Couture pieces for cheap-I think $40 or $50 each piece, and I am definitely wanting the red velour pants for some odd reason. It’s about time I got myself some Juicy. The main event though is the designer stuff. Balenciaga gowns, Chanel tweed and denim, Lanvin…it was bringing me to tears, all that lovely fashion that I wish I could afford. The thing is, the denim is the same price as the traveling show, and there is a LOT more coherent selection of Ed Hardy stuff at the same prices. Not to mention I can get cheap perfume as well as designer sunglasses-my main lemming are these Dolce & Gabbana’s that are like science lab glasses.

Overall, I would say that if the denim show comes to town, it is worth a look since some of their prices are a bit better than Nordie’s Rack, and they carry brands like Paige and AG Jeans. But if you have a Nordie’s Rack, it’s not worth the effort.

In other deal-related news, if you are needing to get one of the MAC brush sets, you can get them at Nordie’s for only $35. That’s about the same price that they are at the outlets, but you can get them now to take care of gifts. While brush sets are not the same quality-machine made as opposed to handmade-they are really good for cheapasses like myself, they are good for travel, and they are good for people just getting into makeup or MAC. The eye set is the best. The 217 is nothing like the regular one, but it is still workable. The 209, 212, and 275 are same quality as the regular, I have found. The 252 is a bit scratchier, but it is still a nice brush to have-not only for highlights, but for when I am doing elaborate facial looks. The face set is good too-it gives you the four essentials: foundation, concealer, blush, and then stippling for loose powders and such. The basic one has your 129 (blush), 219 (eyeliner), 239 (shadow), 266 (brows, liner), and 316. The basic is definitely good for the casual user, but if you are traveling soon and you are an eye focuser like myself, get the eye set.

Also the Nordie’s Half-Yearly sale starts on Wednesday. In addition, the Holiday fragrance event is coming up, and it is definitely worth buying a ticket for now: it’s $10, applicable towards purchases that day, and you get stuff if you spend a certain amount-in addition to more perfume samples and bags than you can shake a stick at. I have not touched my Burberry duffel from last year, and my Moschino shopper from this year got limited use as a beach bag…I just forgot about it.


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