31 October, 2008

So Halloween has come and gone, and I can say I am definitely glad. While I do love the dressing up, the hour-long complicated makeup jobs, and thousands of trick-or-treaters hitting the mall in their finest costumes, I also am not going to miss the “sexy” costumes (as a friend said, half the girls wearing them are high-school age), the long hours, and lugging the traincase around in the pouring rain. But at least they are building more sidewalks on my street, so that is definitely a good thing.

So my costume was “Gold Fever”. The inspiration for the costume was the MAC collection of the same name, however I did have to tweak it a bit. Ironically, the pigments and glitters I used were the exact ones in the collection…so my look could have been a very costume-y, theatrical collection look. I also did a lighter lip and then no cheek colour-as there was no room!Here is how the look could be designed:

The outline, which was a giant bowtie, was done in Urban Decay’s Zero shadow. Starting at the corner of the eye, there is the corner of a diamond, with the end of the brow being another corner, and then finished. There is a diamond above and below that that should, but doesn’t necessarily, connect with the main outline. The outline for those is done in Zero too. On the nose, there is a diamond, which is the middle point, the lowest point, for the bowtie. The interior of that diamond is filled in with Reflects Gold glitter. Then the area in the middle of the face is filled in with Golden Lemon pigment. The bowtie does cut across the brow, so I do use primer ON THE BROWS. Inside the diamonds goes Gold glitter-and you want to do it one diamond at a time. Prime, then glitter. Then, on the far side, goes 3D Silver. Same principle applies.

Finally, above and below the mask, right along the outline, use a 252 with Silver Fog pigment. Blend the edges into the face, and you are good to go! I also used lashes though-well only lowers. I wanted to do uppers but had MAJOR problems with it.

An easy way to add more oomph would have been to sweep Helium over the forehead-but I ran out of time. And you know what? I don’t think I really missed anything by NOT using Helium.

Now the only question is, what next year? I will be old enough to go to clubs and parties and everything, so I definitely will pull all the stops out. I definitely will not be doing anything gold or predominately gold/yellow, as that is what I’ve a-done the last two years. I am thinking of doing something crazy and multicoloured…but who knows. All I know is you will only see a sexy costume on me if it’s a sailor costume that actually covers my arse.


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