New Lemmings!

30 October, 2008

So with the fact that my hours have shriveled up into a little pit of despair, I am forced to simply online window-shop instead of actually shopping. Luckily, I have found a few things I am looking for and that I may buy, when they go on sale…here’s a few of the things I am loving.



First up, I have these fierce boots from Payless. I am totally adoring them, even if I bought a pair LAST YEAR that is almost exactly like these. Nonetheless, they are cute with jeans, or to toughen up a LBD. They are $38, and brand new at Payless. The tip with this kind of shoe is wear fluffy socks with them because it makes it so more comfortable. I DID do the first day of Sale in these boots, after all!



Next up I have this sweater vest from Aeropostale. The thing I love about Aero stuff is that it’s a lot more family-friendly than other teen-oriented retailers. Most of the stuff is not overly logoed, which makes it nice for older audiences. Hell, my MOM wears Aero stuff! This piece is nice especially as we go into winter, because it’s another light layer. It can also dress up a polo shirt, or add something else to a basic white button-down…give it an extra bit of formality yet flair that would be appropriate for those fancy dinners. It is currently under $18 there right now, so it’s a great piece to pick up.

This tee is on clearance for $25 on I not only like the shape and the look of the fit, but the graphic is very cute-a sort of “curiousity killed the cat” sort of thing. It’s definitely one that I could wear with a funky skirt, ie the black sequinned one at Express, or I could wear it with some jeans and boots. It’s tough, but girly at the same time.

This headband is only $5! Yes, I repeat, it is only $5! It is an easy way to add a bit of flair to a plain look, or something fun to wear anytime that you want to.

Finally, I have these tights. They’re on sale right now at Target for only $5…so better act fast! I am a big fan of funky tights, and these definitely deliver. They’re also practical for skirt-wearers like myself, as the weather gets colder and colder, not to mention that knee-high socks aren’t professional in any way.


So there you have it-5 great deals. Maybe when my computer is working better, there will be more.


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