29 October, 2008

Happy Wednesday to you all! It’s a fairly decent October day here-I was able to get down to Greenlake and get a good workout in. If I walk up to the 358 stop and back, plus a lap of Greenlake and then all the other walking I need, it’s close to 5 miles. If I can keep this workout going, doing it at least once or twice a week, I should hopefully slim my legs down considerably by the end of the year.

So what are some fun things to do on the cheap when the weather gets colder? Honestly, I don’t know. Most of what I do like to do involves money! But I came up with a few ideas.

1. Raid the traincase. Everybody has some stuff in their traincase that never gets used. Well go through your traincase and pick out some items, and see how you can possibly work them into what you normally use to create some looks.

2. Get outside. It may be cold, but once you are out there for awhile doing any sort of activity you will warm up a bit. It doesn’t have to be a nature walk, although this is a good time of the year-less people are out and about, and you can see all of the changing colours.

3. Get cooking! Get out a cookbook, or look online, and find a recipe that sounds good but you have never tried making. Not only does cooking take time, but the results are worth it! I never have enough room in the kitchen, so I never get to…and I hate cleaning dishes.

4. Go thrifting. Hit your local Goodwill and just see what there may be! Yeah, there are duds a lot of the time-however you can find relevant pieces for cheap. By relevant pieces, I mean clothes that will be in style next season. Definitely look for vests and sequins. I admit, I’m not one to shop at thrift stores for most things, however it is fun when I am looking for costume pieces, because I am way too lazy to sew.

5. Get in shape! Okay, this may not be the most fun-but many experts say that all you need is a pair of running shoes, and you are good to go. You can find stretching, yoga, and Pilates guides online…however the easiest way for me to get exercise is walking/trying to jog. I don’t try running, because I have really bad knees. If you don’t have a track or good walkable area around you, there’s always shopping malls-in fact, many malls offer programs for mall walkers, where you can track your progress as you do your laps of the mall. I can honestly say that working in the mall has helped to get me in shape, because you are walking all over to get from place to place. Not to mention I take the bus…so I get in an extra mile and a half to two miles of walking a day. And if you are shopping and there are two stores on the opposite end of the mall that you want to go to, DO NOT PULL YOUR CAR AROUND. My mum use to do this, and it just seemed oh-so-pointless to me because Northgate is a small mall…and even if it is a larger mall, that’s another parking spot you have to fight over.


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