Katie’s Favourite Products, Part 3

27 October, 2008

Here’s the lipglass edition!

Reds: Rich & Ripe, Cult of Cherry, Spark (Chanel)
Why I like them: Rich & Ripe is a beginner red. It’s got enough plummy-pink tones to it to make it look unintimidating, but at the same time there is definitely enough colour. It’s perfect as we go into the winter season/further into fall. Cult of Cherry is a true, cherry red. It’s bright, yes. But it isn’t so bright that it is restrictive…to me, it’s Port Red in lipglass form, but a bit warmer. Spark is definitely going to be the warmest of the bunch. It’s got the bronze in there that you can see, but it also has enough red to warm the face. When I bought it, I was told by the MA that Spark was their number one selling Glossimer, and I can definitely see why. It’s a very universally-flattering colour. Plus, the Glossimers are definitely worth the $26…they are the least sticky high-end glosses I have ever tried.
If I have…do I need…? Rich & Ripe isn’t exactly a must-have in my book. It is a lovely colour, and you can still get it on the MAC website right now. Starnova Lustreglass seems to be a close dupe, but it does not have the red. Cult of Cherry is a definite must-have. Yes, even if you have Russian Red, you should have tracked this down and bought it. It’s not as dark as Russian Red, it’s got some frost to it, and it is just a lot easier to wear. Venetian Lustreglass would be a more pearly version of this, IMO. Spark is a permanent Chanel shade, and everyone should get it at some point. It’s not a case of can you dupe this or not, it’s a case of the formula that kicks ass.

Pinks: Totally It, Style Minx, Ms. Fizz, Pink Manish
Why they are so great: Totally It is a bright pink, but it is definitely on the sheerer end, so if you are looking for something subtle, one coat to brighten up the face but not go overboard, this is it. Style Minx is an in-your-face bright pink, and I love it. You can do a lighter coat, but it is a creamier gloss, so you will leave a signature with this one. Ms. Fizz is a Dazzleglass…it has the blue pearl, it’s amazing on its own or with a lipstick, and wearing this automatically makes a person more fun. Pink Manish, while very similar to many other pinks, is bright, but not so much so as Style Minx (Pink Manish is very warm), and it is more opague than Totally It, but it is still sheer enough to not be too bright (I know that’s a concern for many, a concern that I myself do NOT have…).
If I have…do I need…? All of these are must-haves for me for one reason or another, however they are definitely fairly easily dupeable and there tends to be several bright pink Lipglasses every year.

Corals: Silly Girl, Pink Grapefruit, Shine Manish, Orangedescence
Why they are so great: Silly Girl is the perfect lipglass for a younger girl-it’s frosty, it’s peachy, and it won’t overwhelm. It’s a go-to when I don’t feel like doing an elaborate lip, or when I am doing a smokier eye, because I need to have a lighter product on the lip. Pink Grapefruit is an orangey-bronze. It’s a really good colour to have because it has enough orange in it to brighten the face, but it’s still neutral enough to where it is wearable by a large portion of the population. Shine Manish is DEFINITELY an orangey-coral shade, and I love how richly pigmented it is. It’s brighter than Pink Grapefruit, but you definitely get a lot more coral/pink to this so that you aren’t slapping orange on your lips. Finally, Orangedescence is orange. However, it is a sherbet orange. Think Silly Girl with more orange, and without the pearl effect. It’s also really good for the summer when my face is a bit more tan, but it’s not a colour that just anybody could pull off.
If I have…do I need…? I say that anyone should have Silly Girl, because it’s a very flattering colour. The only reason someone might hate it is because of the pearl effect. Pink Grapefruit is one of the most popular MAC LE glasses of all time, or should I say it’s one that many people want made permanent. The only colour I think that is moreso is Flash of Flesh (from D’Bohemia, I believe). Shine Manish is a great colour to have, but for many people who are cooler toned it would not be a good one to have. Finally, Orangedescence is one that can be a bit better for cooler toned skin, but it’s also better for lighter skin tones, or for light tans.

Purples: Orchid Luxe (mark), Funtabulous
Why I love them: Orchid Luxe definitely has shimmer to it, and it goes on really well without being overtly sticky. I love the mint smell (no mint taste though), and the colour itself is so fun! Funtabulous is a bit bluer version of Orchid Luxe, but in a thicker gloss formula and with a lot more sparkle.
If I have…do I need…? Orchid Luxe is not only permanently available in the mark magalogs, but it’s only $5-and when you buy two of the Hook Up products, you get a free connector. Funtabulous isn’t a colour that I think everybody NEEDS to have, and you can probably find some more flattering Lustreglasses…however I am a big fan of it.

Of course I cannot do a lipgloss section without mentioning my favourites from my store: I am a huge fan of the Liplicious Frozen Daquiri, Cherry Vanilla, Raspberry Jam, and Watermelon Sorbet. I also LOVED the Diamond Plum and the Ruby Pomegranate, to give me a LOT of glitter. As far as the Bigelow ones go, I loved the Frosty varieties from last Christmas, as well as the Soda Fountain flavours that come out every year. The new Vitamin Mentha sticks are really nice to have because it’s the colour of a lipstick meets the conditioning of a balm, and with the same peppermint of the lip shines. And at VS, I LOVED the Cupquake and the Red Delicious. Anything that is creamy or dessert-y…nom nom nom.


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