It’s Sunday!!!

26 October, 2008

So I am FINALLY back from church, and I am definitely not thrilled about an unnecessary-to-me work meeting tonight. Boo. At least it beats the smell of sauerkraut. I’m just not into cabbage. But it’s a darned good fundraiser.

I’ve picked up a few good buys over the last few days! VS has some of their new styles out, and I got a velour hoodie in the Pink line. It is definitely similar to Juicy Couture, but I like this. Plus, it’s black, so it automatically looks snazzier. Here’s a picture of it in the blue-the black has back graphics instead of sleeve graphics. It’s $44.50, which is cheap for a hoodie with the rhinestones.

PINK Velour hoodie

PINK Velour hoodie

(photo credit

Also Express has 30% off all their redlines. Four times a year, Express does a big clearance of all their merch in order to make room for the new stuff-and trust me, the deals are insane. I picked up a pink colour-block sequinned skirt for $10.50. I also got a teal sleeveless sheath dress with sequin trim for $14. I wore the dress today at church and I was almost scared it would be inappropriate (a little on the shorter end, also square necks=bad), but it’s not form-fitting, more like skimming. And people LOVED it! It’s definitely a step up from what I used to wear, and now I look at the girls who wear sweats to church with utter disgust. Seriously, SWEATS?!?

Over in our land, I picked up a Lambie blanket…and let me just say that the $35 it is is a definite bargain. It not only is VERY warm, but it is insanely soft. I have fallen asleep with it the last two nights and it’s more effective than my comforter! (Granted, it is old, so I need to get it deep-cleaned shortly)

Payless has BOGO going on right now, and if you are in the market for some really nice dress shoes, the Abaete styles this season are really nice for dressy occasions-or to make any outfit look nicer. It is always better to overdress than to underdress. In fact, when I went for the H&M opening, I wore my oxford heels that I rarely ever wear (for two reasons-a, they stink to high heavens, and b, they hurt like hell after awhile) along with a white dress shirt, and then my A-line Express floral silk skirt. Most everyone else was wearing sweats. Granted, they were waiting at oh, 6 AM. I got there at 8:30…but still. I almost thought it would be a bonafide fashion show, with everyone trying to outdo each other.

At Nordie’s, there is an Estee Lauder GWP with a $40 purchase. You choose your skincare, then you get the usual stuff-mascara, little perfume VOC (vial on card), lipstick, and then eyeshadow palette. If you are somebody who is not as much into the artistry, but you need good stuff to work with, Estee Lauder shadows are really good. Plus, the individual ones come in their own little compact, with a mirror and everything. (Also a sponge-tip applicator, but that is to be expected…it’s actually a decent one. Also the old Lancome shadows had a really good applicator)

If you are in the need of anything for Halloween, hit your local Target, Fred Meyer, or wherever it may be this week…stores will be putting all of that good stuff on sale to get it out and start putting up the Christmas stuff. (Who loves those scented pinecones? /sarc off) If you need to get decorations, candy, or some costume pieces, now is definitely the time to do so. I will be getting some of the little costume accessories because our church is doing Operation Christmas Child…where you fill a shoebox with age-appropriate toys and goodies, and then they add Gospel literature in the language of the native country. I’m not for the whole conversions like some churches, but this is bringing the story of God to kids who are in the poorest regions of the world, and it’s the basic stuff, the good stuff. That is definitely something I can get behind. Heck, I might fill up two shoeboxes. It’s going to be fairly inexpensive for me to do, but knowing that some kid somewhere will have a smile on their face this Christmas is worth any penny that I spend on it, double.

I am all out of deals and steals for now, but there are plenty out there if ya know where to look!



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