26 October, 2008

So when these puppies first were leaked, I was definitely a fan. I thought they would be permanent, since it was such a big collection of lip things, but then I heard they were LE…and I panicked. Bought four in two days. I mean, why not? I love anything with glitter and colour, as long as it doesn’t make me look like I’m trying to be 12 again. Let’s just say I am NOT wanting to attract some pedophiles.

Why do I love them so much? First off, the formula has the glitter suspended in there, so when I go to put it on my lips they turn multi-dimensional. In the sun it is absolutely amazing-in fact when I was riding the Double Tall, I kept staring at my lips in the window. HA! The formula itself is sticky, but it can definitely last. Definitely not what you want to wear when you are kissing anybody. I haven’t in two months, and probably never will again, so I can wear Dazzleglass all the time and not have to worry about a guy’s lips getting all glittery.

The packaging and everything though-it is definitely a bit more high-end than the normal Lipglass, or so it seems to me. It’s a longer tube that looks more like glass, and it brushes on very nicely. It’s priced a lot higher than the Lipglasses, however they are better, and cheaper, than those couture ones they sell at the MAC stores around Christmas.

You won’t get as much colour payoff as you would with a normal Lipglass…these do have a tendency to go on more sheer. Also it’s harder to decipher the sparkle in the ones that do not have the blue pearl. Possibly the biggest downside to them for me is the fact that I constantly am reapplying, and there is less product than a normal Lipglass in the tube, so you run through them VERY fast. As in, half a tube in a week.

When they were originally launched, 16 shades were included, and I picked up 6. They included a coral-red (Glamour OD), a blue-red (Love Alert), a hot pink (Ms. Fizz), a bright purple (Funtabulous), a plummy brown (Date Night), and a clear (Pleasure Principle). Out of them, I do regret getting both Glamour OD and Love Alert. You don’t need them both-I definitely say Love Alert is the better of the two. Funtabulous is not super-purple, it’s not a lip colour that should be relegated to the mid-90’s. It also has a nice amount of pearl, and layered over a light pink it goes very unusual. Ms. Fizz is my favourite just because it’s so bright, although I have left many a signature on soda bottles and Frap straws. Pleasure Principle is really nice because it’s all about the pearl, so you aren’t getting a ton of the other stuff. Finally Date Night is amazing layered over at least a half-dozen lipsticks that I own, and it’s good on its own as a more neutral shade.

They have been repromoted, albeit more limited, for the Red She Said collection, with a new one-Miss Dynamite. It seems like a golder version of Lollipop Lovin’ lipstick, but in Dazzleglass form. I am definitely interested to try it mainly because it is a gold, but also because I need a new one. The only two other DG’s that I would have bought from the original release were Bare Necessity (because Allie, my old MAC girl, told me I needed it), and Comet Blue (because it was definitely the novelty colour of the bunch, and you gotta have one of those for sure), so this one is a must-have for many reasons.

I am sure that you can find many duplicates for these colour-wise…but what really sets them apart from the Lipglasses and Lustreglasses is the amount of sparkle and pearl that these have.

And finally…when will MAC make these permanent? That is a question I have not heard the answer to, but I am dying to find out…because MAC needs some new perm products to divert me from the LE stuff.


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