Urban Decay: Grindhouse sharpener

25 October, 2008

So today, I picked up the Urban Decay Grindhouse pencil sharpener. It is definitely pricey for a sharpener-$8-but I not only had a coupon, but I needed a damn good sharpener anyways. The thing with the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners is that they are difficult to sharpen-the outer coating will make it tug, so it’s impossible to use a cheapo sharpener to really get the pencil where you want it.

However, as soon as I got sent home from work today, I ran to try this out…and how am I feeling?

Seriously, this pencil sharpener kicks ass. I was able to smoothly sharpen ALL of my UD liners, which I had been meaning to do. You know it’s sad when you rarely use a beauty product because you don’t have the right tools. Well I got the right tool, so I can line on! It has two sizes-one to fit the eye or lip pencils, and the other to fit their concealers. The sharpener itself is cutely packaged, and it comes with a little pick in order to clear the shavings and other crap in there out.

I tried doing it with my Sephora liners, and it wasn’t great. However, for my UD liners, this is an absolute must-have. If you are giving the set of liners to anyone for Christmas, buy them the sharpener to go with it. It will make the gift seem more complete, and they won’t be mucking up the pencils every time they try and sharpen.

(And trust me, I am so wanting to give the liner sets…)


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