ULTA Coupons!

25 October, 2008

So I got some coupons for ULTA in the mail, and I figured why not use them today? You know, make use of the “cushion time” that I give myself if I work on a Saturday. One was $5 off a purchase of $10 or more, but I can’t use it on prestige makeup. The other was 20% off a total purchase, and while I could have combined, why would I want to?

So I ended up getting 5 things, and I have to say, it was a very good outing.

First up, with the $5 off, were some Pixie lashes. They’re by the Fright Night brand, and they have glitter tips. I was going to get some MUFE lashes, but I completely forgot yesterday when I was downtown, so I got these for $5.79. As far as my lashes go, since they’re not for everyday wear, I’m willing to spend a little bit less on them. I haven’t tried them on yet, but I am going to do a trial run or two with them before Halloween, so that I can apply them properly and not look like an idiot.

Next up were two Jaqua handcreams. I wanted to get the Raspberry Buttercream Frosting, however it was a GWP…so I got the Pink Buttercream Frosting too. Two for the price of one! I was definitely a fan. The thing that kinda turned me off of them at first was the amount of time it takes to absorb in. However, once it absorbs in I am definitely ready for some hand-holding. Not like I have anybody to hold hands with, mind you. But still, my hands are SUPER soft. The Raspberry Buttercream is amazing. It has an authentic raspberry fragrance, not the icky sun-kissed raspberry smell that is pervasive. All of those scents pretty much damn near turned me off of raspberry, and the best raspberry I have smelled is Avon’s raspberry in their Naturals line. Then the Pink Buttercream Frosting smells EXACTLY like frosting. It is not for everyone, as it is VERY sweet…however anything to get me to eat a lot less will work perfectly.

Then with my 20% off, I got two things I had my eye on. First up was the Urban Decay Grindhouse sharpener. I’m going to do a review of it, but simply put…$8 for an eye pencil sharpener? YES, it is a necessity if you use UD eyeliners.

Then I got Napoleon Perdis Eye Patrol in the Private Ocean shade. Napoleon’s products all have very cheeky/funny names, and this caught my eye right away: a pale blue (think a bit darker than Mutiny) with gold sparkle threaded through it. HELL YES! While I have not tried it on my eyes yet, I am definitely excited for it because from one swatch, it seems to be like Aquadisiac eyeshadow as far as the texture goes.

I wish I could have bought more-namely the Fekkai curl spray-but money is limited. I heard about the Warehouse Sale, where it’s a giant denim sale at prices lower than wholesale. I will be going…and hoping for a new pair of jeans.


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