Katie’s Favourite Products, part 1

24 October, 2008

So since I am bored, I figure I would share some of my favourite products with you all! First up, I have eyeshadows.

Favourite pink shades: Angelcake, In Living Pink, Pink Freeze
What is so great about them: Angelcake is the perfect subdued pink-it’s got some red to it, sure, but it’s not so bright that it’s restrictive to a good amount of people. I don’t exactly think of Angel Food Cake when I wear this…more petits fours. In Living Pink is a bit darker, and a definite must have, if not for the finish then for the fact that it is easy to dress up or down. Pink Freeze gets a lot of hate, and at first when I tried it I couldn’t get a ton of pink. But it’s not only an amazing highlight colour, it’s also good to layer over darker shadows to give them a bit of pop. Also use it as a base for those oh-so-fun frosty looks.
If I have…do I need…? I say that all three of these are must-haves. Angelcake can be found floating around fairly inexpensively for a limited edition shadow if you know where to look. In Living Pink is not as easy, but I did find it at my CCO. Pink Freeze is a permanent. The only reason I would say you don’t need this is if you avoid pink like the plague…but even then, give it a shot, as it’s more silver than pink.

Favourite purple shades: Beautiful Iris, Fishnet (Urban Decay), Creme de Violet, Star Violet
What is so great about them: These represent four entirely different purples. Beautiful Iris is a lavender with a surprising amount of zing. Fishnet is a warmer, bright purple. Creme de Violet is a cooler purple and while it is not THE greatest colour, it is versatile. Star Violet is completely different-it’s a definite plum with bronze. It’s absolutely amazing as a lower liner.
If I have…do I need…? You at least need to have Beautiful Iris and Star Violet. If you do a ton of brights, you want Fishnet. If you do a ton of purples, you want Creme de Violet AND Fishnet as well. However, Creme de Violet isn’t one you’ll miss a ton if you don’t have it.

Favourite blue shades: Peace (Urban Decay), Moon’s Reflection, Luring (Lancome)
Why they are my favourites: Peace is an unabashed turquoise blue, perfect for bright lovers. Moon’s Reflection, while awfully close to my old Lancome Strobe eyeshadow, is a perfect blue for thse anti-blue people out there, and it goes and stays on like a dream. As for Luring, it’s not the truest blue, as it’s more grey-iridescent, however when it goes on it is a dominant blueish shade.
If I have…do I need…? Peace is NOT duped by anything in MAC, the closest you will get is Electric Eel and it isn’t a good dupe in the slightest. Moon’s Reflection is similar to a lot of other blues on the market, but the texture on this alone is reason to get it. Luring can probably be duped by other MAC colours-Surreal seemed to be close to it-and on, it does get kinda dull.

Favourite green shadows: Graffiti (Urban Decay), Pagan, Aquadisiac
Why they are my favourites: Graffiti is a bright green-think grass, but two notches brighter. I definitely am a fan. Pagan, while not easy to work with, is a really nice yellow-green that is the jumpoff point for many a green look that I do. Aquadisiac is a definite teal, and yes, it is a Lustre, but it is amazing to work with.
If I have…do I need…? If you have Bitter, and you like it, you can skip Pagan. Be warned though…with primer, Pagan is better than Bitter. Graffiti isn’t dupeable very well by any MAC offerings. I honestly say though that you don’t need Aquadisiac if you have Graffiti, or vice versa…they are definitely different but they serve the same purpose.

Favourite yellows/oranges: Bright Sunshine, Butter (Estee Lauder), Jones (Urban Decay)
Why I love them: Bright Sunshine is what I have been wanting-it’s a bright, frosty yellow. It’s difficult to work with but with primer it is heavenly. Butter is definitely a very different yellow-it’s more of a pastel, but still frosty and with surprisingly good colour payoff. Jones is a peachy orange, but it’s definitely a bright.
If I have…do I need…? As far as Bright Sunshine goes, it is an absolute must-have for yellow lovers, as it is one of the rare non-matte yellows, and it doesn’t go gold. It’s a true, primary yellow. Butter is close to Going Bananas in colour, and while it is nice I don’t think you have to worry about this colour if you aren’t really into the yellows. As far as Jones goes…you need this no matter what. Very rarely does MAC put out a bright orange-there’s a matte orange, and then Juiced, which is a horrible eyeshadow all around. This has a significant amount of payoff even without a base, and if you love brights, this is essential.

Favourite highlight shadows: Crystal Avalanche, Rose Blanc, Solar White
Why they are so great: Crystal Avalanche not only makes a good base, but the fact that it is so white yet pearly can make any shadow just pop. Rose Blanc is a Veluxe Pearl as well, and it is definitely a very light gold, so it’s good to help flatter more tanned skin. Solar White is more of a whitish gold with gold pearl, so it is very good to have in the summer. A really nice colour-it seems to go on white, but in the sun it goes pale gold. Think Reflects Gold glitter as a comparison.
If I have…do I need…? Crystal Avalanche is a must-have in my eyes, if there is one colour anyone should have this is it. Solar White and Rose Blanc are FAIRLY interchangable in my eyes, meaning if you have one you don’t need to worry about the other. Rose Blanc is a BIT warmer though.


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