Urban Decay: Primer Potion Testing, Part 2

23 October, 2008

So today was my second day at the UDPP testing and I have to say, the results were decent. The goal was to mainly see how Going Bananas did when it came to the primer, as if it worked for Bright Sunshine, it ought to work.

The goal was to do a candy look with the Manish palette, and I think I succeeded. This isn’t as much about the look though as it is about the shadow and their results with a damn good base. Although I do think I accomplished the purpose well, as it was a look that got a lot of compliments at work. As long as others like it, it works!!!

So Going Bananas, even with primer, was a tricky one to work with. In order to really get it good, you need to do more of this than you think you will need. It’s a nice shadow once you get it packed on, but the payoff is very limited. I am sure maybe one reason is due to my crappy lighting, but even then, it’s hard to tell.

I tried it with Playful in the middle, and that really worked. It’s a satin, so it won’t end up bright. However it is a very nice colour and with the primer, it brought out the pink and made it the central focus, without being overwhelming.

Bitter? UGH. It may be because I did it on the outer, but I couldn’t tell anything. It was PALE. I ended up having to layer on Pagan to get it to look halfway decent, but then it did work. I will do a green look tomorrow to try and see if maybe that way, I can at least get it to work out better.

If you’re wondering about the rest of the look, I did a sorta thick line of Electric Eel as top liner, Deep Truth as bottom, no waterline, and then Crystal Avalanche as a highlight. The face had a little bit of Devil lightly patted on, with Northern Light and then Glissade over it. The lip was Totally It by Fafi.


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