Survey Time

23 October, 2008

Mood: Definitely annoyed at the mum, because she NEVER cleans…

Eyeshadow: Bitter, Going Bananas, and Playful on the lid, Electric Eel and Deep Truth as liners, and Crystal Avalanche as a highlight.
Fragrance: Velvet Tuberose…I spray this all the time.
Anxious about…: Just work stuff. Also home stuff-the last place I want to be, but I have to motivate my mom to get the house clean by Christmas.
Happy about…: Getting paid on Friday, also got a 20% Ulta coupon…that DOES include my prestige cosmetics. (ie Urban Decay, Too Faced, Napoleon Perdis)
Blush: MAC Devil
Nails: Essie Showstopper
Morning drink: Dr. Pepper. Well, what was this morning…I need to get my ass to bed.
Song of the day: “So Watcha Want”-Beastie Boys
Goals for the week: Get the bolero jacket sewn, get my computer working again, get my Joe’s Jeans to the tailor (the inner seam on the left leg has completely come apart), call Sabrina about her Halloween look. Well, that’s by next Thursday. By this weekend…get all my laundry done, and maybe get Mom or Dad to take me up to Goodwill to donate a ton of stuff. Also help my mom with cleaning, since she isn’t that good at it.


Yes, Ulta finally sent me a good coupon! In the ads that they send out, they always have these little coupons that cannot be used on prestige cosmetics-so they are useless unless I get a traincase, nail polish, or what not. Well I hadn’t gotten a total savings coupon in a long time-but I got it! I definitely am NOT going to be getting Gold Deposit right away…or maybe even a backup of Petticoat. I do have the MAC event coming up, and I am hoping to bring two of my friends along. But with this, I am definitely getting myself a couple of fun items I have had my eye on. Pretty much the only exceptions are fragrance and clearance. ULTA never really has a ton of good ones…I’ll go to Perfumania because they will probably do the infamous BOGO deal and I need Angel Pivoine. Plus if giftsets are included, I have to get some Rock ‘n Rose


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