BCA Month

23 October, 2008

Every October, every single brand under the sun seems to trot out their usual wares, but spruced up with baby pink, to help raise money for breast cancer research. It’s a great idea-buy your usual wares, and feel good doing so! No, I don’t think it’s a writeoff. You can get a Kitchenaid stand mixer, a vacuum cleaner, gardening tools, you name it-all adorned with the pink ribbon. Campbell’s and Yoplait both do products that raise money-Yoplait has their “Save Lids, Save Lives” program, and Campbell’s will have their chicken noodle and tomato soups with special pink packaging.

Many beauty brands are getting in on it as well. Clinique has a lipstick/case set, as well as a special size of their Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion. Smashbox has a set of an eye trio and a lip trio, in very universally wearable shades.

Too Faced has one of the best deals out there-the Betsy Baby eyeshadow duo. The founder of Too Faced was friends with a lady at Sephora, and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was joking around about how she wanted her favourite discontinued shade brought back. That isn’t as much the point though…for each $17 shadow, $9 is going to the BCRF-$3 each from the founder of Too Faced, $3 from Betsy (from Sephora), and then Sephora is donating $3 to the cause. Not only is it a gorgeous colour, but when over HALF of the purchase price will be donated to the cause, it’s one appealing colour.

ghd (a hair appliance company) has a hot pink styler. The main thing I am loving about this is the fact that it is hot pink…not pale pink (Katie loves her some hot pink). $15 from the sale of each iron goes to help fight breast cancer. While it may not seem like a ton, it is still a sizeable contribution.

Of course I can’t talk about it without mentioning our stuff…called Cancer Vixen. It’s the CO Bigelow Wild Berry lotion, hand wash, and body wash in special packagin (just a different label), as well as a kit of Bigelow trial sizes (Mentha foot cream, quince hand cream, lemon body cream/body wash, Mentha lip), and the pink Mentha lip tint in special packaging. Also we carry the Cancer Vixen book. And in a partnership with the BCRF, CO Bigelow is donating $250000, no matter how many products are sold.

Now the real question is though, will you use it? You may be tempted to buy something you normally wouldn’t because the money will go to a great cause, and there’s the good and bad about that. If it’s something like kitchen utensils, and they just don’t go with your kitchen stuff that you already have, then it won’t necessarily be a good idea to get the BCA version. Also, if it’s a face lotion that is not what your skin needs or a lipstick or palette that you know you would not use, it’s a waste of your money. The Smashbox palettes look all nice and everything, don’t get me wrong, however I don’t do “wearable” shades on my eyes, and I need colour on the lip. When the ordinary person says it’s very sheer…then I will pass. It would work for my mum, but definitely not for me. If it is something fairly inexpensive, bodycare-wise, then it’s a good little splurge. If it’s food, then why not pick up a can of soup? Granted, I don’t eat any meats, and I hate tomato soup. If they did the V8 butternut squash soup with BCA packaging, then we’d buy a case, since that is the only soup I will eat (aside from Wolfgang Puck’s potato soup).

Finally, what I like to see are brands that have year-round commitments to charities, be it breast cancer, AIDS, or whatever their chosen cause is. Paul Newman had it right-donating all the profits and royalties from his products to educational charities. By the time he passed away, over $250 million had already been raised, and I don’t see that stopping.


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