Urban Decay: Primer Potion Testing

21 October, 2008

Many a makeup afficiando swears by this magic product-appropriately bottled in a genie bottle-shaped backage-that makes your eye makeup stay on for hours. Many an Urban Decay giftset will be packaged with a little bottle of this, if for no other reason because a lot of their basic-line shadows have oodles of GLITTER, and I am talking glitter that stays everywhere BUT your eyes. I tried it for the first time last Christmas, and I was definitely pleased because it allowed me to keep my makeup fresh for hours. It doesn’t really matter to me that the way the packaging is designed makes it so a lot of the product is useless…I need to be surrounded by pretty things:)

The other thing that this does is it helps to make all the colours more vibrant-and I found this out myself by accident. When I was doing my makeup on Sunday, I wanted to do a look with Bright Sunshine, but I had some trouble with it. I decided to give the primer a try…and it worked out very well, as the colour it turned out to be was exactly the colour I wanted. I figure, if it worked for that, why not try it with other colours? So I did.

Pagan is definitely a nice colour in the pot, but it is very similar to Bitter. The one saving grace is that Pagan is a satin, but it still has very little colour payoff. I think the way that it was designed, you HAD to also buy the paint pot that went with it in order to get the payoff. Without UDPP, it goes on very faint. Chartru paint is good to use with it, however it gets VERY light after awhile. This made it stay on for the whole day, although it does end up going a lot darker. Still, it makes it a lot more useable.

Cool Heat was a colour I had high hopes for, and I even bought it without swatching. It’s a good colour, don’t get me wrong-but it is so hard to apply. It takes a 275 and a lot of work. Well it definitely works with UDPP all right…but it makes it absolutely impossible to blend.

Sunset B. is notoriously a failure in the pot-and it ain’t much better on with primer potion. Gorgeous colour, and people were raving about the Starflash shadows and how they were buttery. But I get absolutely no effect from this-I was hoping for a true fuschia, and I didn’t get it.

Sushi Flower is one that UDPP can really help make brighter as well.

I will be testing out more shadows later on, but today’s look was all about trying to maximize the potential of UDPP. To the untrained eye, the shadows looked really good, and I even got compliments from a former makeup artist whose MAC collection is worth a LOT more than mine (mine is only around $1700). But I took a half hour only because blending sucked SO much with it. Nonetheless, it was a look that I have never done before, and one that I will be adding to the books.


As far as UDPP goes, it’s very widely available-at both Sephora and ULTA. Go onto urbandecay.com to check out the entire product line, and maybe to find a stockist near you. It retails for $16 for a bottle, however if you hit Sephora you can get their anniversary kit, which has two full-size shadows and a DOUBLE bottle of UDPP-which is a $32 value-for $39. A value like that is VERY difficult to pass up!


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