Never Pay For A Makeup Bag?!? (Or At Least Not That Much)

21 October, 2008

Over the short course of time that I have been buying makeup, I have found out that the makeup bag-the necessity for the toting of your goodies-is sold in many places for insane prices. I don’t exactly have $50 to spend on a makeup bag. I’d spend $10, tops. I dunno, call me cheap. However there are several different ways that you can get a makeup bag-at little or no cost to you.

1. GWP. Every so often, one of the “Big 3” (Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique) will do their big GWP. Clinique’s usually has multiple bags, while Lancome’s tend to be more of the traincase style. Estee Lauder can go either way. And every year at the Bon (Macy’s to you uncivilized non-Seattleites…heh heh heh), both Lancome and EL will have a tote bag GWP (Lancome for Memorial Day, EL for July 4th). The whole concept of the GWP was conceived by Estee Lauder herself, and I remember ones where nail polish and a loaf of baguette were among the items.

Anyways, when you are doing a Clinique gift, the ones at the Bon are usually free with a $21.50 purchase. While I’m not into the eyeshadows or the skincare, I do love the mascaras, and so I’ll get two tubes. With that, I not only get the skincare samples (which I put in toiletry bags to give to homeless teens) and the colour stuff (also, for the most part, to give away), but I get at least one cosmetic bag. Ending soon at the Bon, you can get a clutch and then either a square bag, a round bag, or a long, thin bag. Of course, it isn’t a deal if it’s not an item you would normally use. But if you have tried a certain mascara and liked it, get a couple tubes. Lancome’s items tend to be the best, the eyeshadow quads are a lifesaver at the beach. Not only do you get your stuff, but you get a bag too.

2. Giftsets at work. Many of the giftsets that we sell, or at least earlier in my tenure, came in the form of a cosmetic bag. I buy the little guys to have on hand for gifts as well as to get the little lipgloss that sometimes comes with-and I get a cosmetic bag out of the deal. Not bad!

3. Buy from my store. Okay, shameless promotion alert. The nice thing about our bags is that they are very inexpensively priced. I’ve bought some leopard-print ones, with zippered pockets, for $8. We have plenty of designs out now, all under $10, and I guarantee the large will hold all your essentials (unless you are an actual artist).

4. Thrift stores/garage sales. Many times, at a garage sale, people will dump old cosmetic bags into a “FREE” box. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can have it as clean as you want to-and your makeup will be toted around safely at no cost to you.

5. Ziploc bags. While this isn’t the safest option for your makeup, it’s a cheap and easy way to keep it organized.

Also many purses, suitcases, and other bags will come with companion bags-designed to be for your toiletries-at no cost to you. Granted, I haven’t bought many suitcases in my time. However a couple of the messenger bags I had throughout high school did come with a little “pencil case” (which is code word to me for cosmetic bag) and they definitely got used. I can think of at least 5 different bags that I had.

I have two good ones I purchased from the store, at various times. Since I work retail, there is the bag-out procedure, in which the entire contents of your belongings that you brought with you must be inspected by a manager. Since I ride the bus, I am often rushing out. So having see-through bags is absolutely essential. The first one was a set of three little mesh bags-and I loved it because I was able to put all my lip stuff in the smallest bag, and then the largest one I put in all my eye and face stuff. The medium one was for small purses, to combine stuff. The second one was a faux-croc travel case that zipped-and when opened, there were two completely clear storage areas. It works great as a small purse, as I can edit my makeup enough to where I fit the essentials in there. And people LOVE it because it’s cheap and all your stuff is easily at hand. It makes everybody’s lives a lot easier and it means I don’t miss my bus-since after a certain time it runs once an hour.


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