21 October, 2008

So my computer is going on the fritz-as in, it won’t even start-and so I am relegated to using a shared computer. Meaning no FOTD’s, no nothing. I’ll still get on and post…but let me just say that my computer had better be in working order, WITH all my files, by this time next week or there WILL be hell to pay.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to do three things, now that my dropout brother is home all day. First is getting my room organized. I have NEVER organized it-so there’s a lot to be done, naturally. Second is getting back in shape. I’ve started overeating again, due to not working as much, and so I need to put the energy into doing a vigorous walk/jog every day. Finally, I need to get more creative. I have a ton of crystals that are just gathering dust when they could be made into earrings, necklaces, and so forth. Of course I’m not that great with the pliers, but still a girl has to learn somehow. If I can manage to MAKE more of my Christmas presents than buy, I will be happy.

In the meantime though, I am very glad that I discovered how to make Bright Sunshine work for me. What I might do is the UDPP test-namely, the shadows I own that are notoriously naughty with me, and seeing if they behave when layered over a coat of UDPP. The first brushing of Bright Sunshine was evident. Now I just need to try a full-eye of Sunset B., then Pagan, Sushi Flower, Cool Heat, Going Bananas, and so forth. If I can at least get the shadow to work then, then it wasn’t a waste. I have a huge dip in Sunset B.-and that’s because I pile it on. Just say HELL NO to Starflash.

Also UDPP is absolutely essential as I get into the holiday season, because if I am going to be working 10 hour days I will need to be using a good amount, so that my looks can stay fresh all day. A pink look or a gold look will always do well, and my blues tend to be good too. But my yellow looks don’t stay fresh for long, and Juiced is horrid because it has no staying power. I should not have bought it…

Good night and good luck.


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