The Year That Was MAC: 2008

20 October, 2008

So I wasn’t into MAC until a couple months into the year, however I did see the collections through the one visit I had to the MAC store. And I am definitely very opinionated, so I’m jotting down what collections I saw/bought from, what I bought from them, and my opinion-plus, what I still do and do not use. There are some that I paid no attention to, like Sculpt/Shape (too advanced for me), Slimshine (permanent), and Beauty Powder blushes (wasn’t a blush person).

N Collection: January
What I bought: I got Light Flush later on.
Do I still use? Not every day, but I do like having it…it’s indispensable.
Total collection opinion: I’m anti-neutral-however this had two MSF’s, and while Warmed doesn’t have the greatest reviews (I was talked out of getting it at the CCO), Light Flush is lovely to have because you can just sweep it wherever you need a highlight and it works really well with my lighter skin. I may have picked up Nanogold if I was more into MAC at the time though…but that would have been the extent of it.

Fafi: February
What I bought: Belightful and Flash-n-Dash then, and I eventually got Totally It.
Do I still use? Belightful rarely ever gets used now, however it is a good one to have and I’ve used a good amount of it. Flash-n-Dash gets fairly regular use, because I love the colour and texture. Totally It also gets some use, but not as much since I got my Manish Arora stuff.
Total Collection Opinion: Quite possibly this could be one of the tackiest collections ever from MAC. Between all of the crap accessories and the stickers, not to mention the kind of uninspired colours, it was one that was death by packaging. I am glad that I didn’t get more than I did-although I would give a lot to get a Fun ‘n Sexy because that’s what I need. The eye sets were horrid, and I was almost talked into buying the Fafi Eyes 2 at the MAC store but luckily stood the ground. I also would have picked up Sassed-Up IPP if I had the chance, but stupid me I did not.

Heatherette: March 2008
What I bought: 3D Silver, Reflects Gold, Jardin Aires, Pink Pearl, Lollipop Lovin’, Style Minx (x2), Hollywood Nights (x2), Trio 1, Alpha Girl
Do I still use it? Most of it rarely gets used. Lollipop Lovin’ was a definite impulse buy, and I rarely wear it. Hollywood Nights and Style Minx did get a lot of wear for awhile, but not as much anymore. Alpha Girl I do wear on occasion, maybe once a week. Jardin Aires is not used often. Pink Pearl I try and work in with some of my looks. I knew I wouldn’t get a ton of use of 3D Silver, as it’s more costume-y. Reflects Gold probably gets the most use. The Trio 1 was actually a gift, and when I do aqua/blue looks, I rely on this.
Total Collection Opinion: This was a collection that could have been executed a lot better. While many of the pieces were true to the Heatherette image (the lashes, the lips, the glitters), I think that this would have been a good one to bring back glitter cremes or something like that. It was a really good spring collection as well, since it was a ton of brights.

Dazzleglass: April
What I Bought: Ms. Fizz, Pleasure Principle, Date Night, Glamour OD, Love Alert, Funtabulous
Do I Still Use? Without a doubt. Love Alert and Glamour OD are the ones I use the least, but I am almost out of both Ms. Fizz and Funtabulous.
Total Collection Opinion: If there is one lip product that needs to be made permanent, these are them. I love the glittery nature of them, the brush applicator…everything.

Naughty Nauticals: May
What I bought: Port Red, Party Mate, Lark About, Mutiny
What I still use: All of it. Party Mate sits idle in the traincase however I am using it tonight. Mutiny is one of the best pigments ever, and Port Red is my all-time favourite red lipstick.
Overall collection opinion: This was a really nice collection when you look at it. No gimmicks-it was shadows, 4 good pigments, 4 lipsticks, 4 lipglasses, and it also was released with body bronzers. I still get a lot of wear out of it because it had the best stuff, on paper.

Neo Sci-Fi: May
What I bought: Pink Grapefruit lipglass, Spaced Out blush, Electro lipstick, Sci-Fi-Delity lipstick
Do I still use it: Pink Grapefruit does get occasional use, although not as much as normal. Spaced Out was getting daily use until I got my Manish Arora stuff in, and even now I still do use it. Electro is not an everyday colour, but I am fine with that and I love it. Sci-Fi-Delity rarely gets used, since I don’t do a ton of neutralish lips. However it goes with at least 5 of my lipglasses, so no complaints there.
Overall collection opinion: If there is one collection that I would have bought more from (I didn’t due to crap with the bank…), this would have been it. It featured Solar Bits, which are glittery balls of pigment, lipsticks, lipglasses, eyeshadows, and the VAE. Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, simply, is the greatest scrub I have ever used on my face. I wish I could have bought several jars of it, but due to some sketchy charges I was overdrafted by a LOT. Boo.

Cool Heat: June
What I bought: Cool Heat, Solar White, Tropic Glow (x2)
What I still use: All of it. I don’t use Cool Heat very often per se, but Tropic Glow gets a ton of use and Solar White is used several times a week.
Overall collection opinion: This was heaven for eyeshadow lovers, but the Slimshines were all really nice everyday shades that could work for anybody. Honestly, I would have bought more of the Slimshines if I could. They were amazing.


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