The MAC Pro Palette

20 October, 2008

Many a makeup artist and common makeup addict alike swear by the almighty Pro Palette. Available at any freestanding MAC store, you can buy a 15-slotter for $12, and then buy the individual pan refills for $11, instead of $14.50. A lot of people will depot (use a candle or other method to pry the pot out of the pan, then glue on a magnet) their limited edition shadows-but first of all, I am morally opposed to depotting, second, I require things to be in the original packaging, and third, all good MAC stores do not allow depots anymore. It is company policy after all, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

But this is a more environmentally-friendly method, not to mention convenient, to tote around your permament shadows. I myself have started on my first one, and whenever I get a paycheck of over a certain amount, I will go and get some more shadows to put in there. If you love MAC, or at least have a ton of shadows that are getting close to being empty, buy yourself the palette and then some refills. The palette pays for itself in 4 refills-so you end up saving about $40 altogether. You can also, as you get more and more refills, buy more palettes to have colour-coordination. And if you are travelling and just want a few to tote around, you can always buy the empty quad, which should be under $5.

Another method that not a lot of people think of is that the eye trios, like the Heatherette ones, have full-sized shadows in them. Well when you finish them, you can depot the empty pans, and then have your own trio. I want one with Star Violet, Crystal Avalanche, and Beautiful Iris-my little purple trio.

The one gripe I have is that the magnets on the Pro Pans (what the refills are called) are very small, and thus the pan does move around a little bit in its little home. That shouldn’t deter you from buying it, as the convenience is second to none. Of course, I did not know about this until I had already purchased a number of MAC shadows, and occasionally I find a permanent one at the CCO-and that’s $10. (STAR VIOLET!!!)


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