Daily Dozen

20 October, 2008

So today…it’s 12 things in my life that I have never done.

1. Been to a party with alcohol that was not for my dad’s work.

2. Drank alcohol (outside of communion wine, and when I am at church, I always go nonalcoholic…)

3. Had a boyfriend.

4. Gotten jury duty.

5. Worn Ugg boots.

6. Gone on a road trip.

7. Had a credit card.

8. Had a sleepover.

9. Gotten a cartilage piercing (Always wanted it, and have considered it…but I think 3 ear piercings is enough for me)

10. Gotten a drivers license.

11. Been on a date, or any event that requires a male escort. (No, I’m not talking “escort”…that’s illegal)

12. Been to Disney.


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