CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet)

20 October, 2008

If you are ever in an outlet mall and you see one of these stores, welcome to your new best friend. The Cosmetics Company stores sell overstocks, old limited-edition items, and other pieces from MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Prescriptives, and more, as well as Donna Karan, Missoni, and Michael Kors fragrances. Most of the items are about 30% off of retail, and while some of the items can be blah (ie the McQueen shadows), you occasionally find items from the permanent line-or the current/most recent limited edition collection. In the beginning of May, they got in the Heatherette Beauty Powders. I almost got a second Alpha Girl, but held off-and it was a very good choice, as I rarely ever use it anymore.

It is also a good place to find recently discontinued items. I was able to pick up a Canton Candy and a Chartru paint. Now I rarely ever use the paints, however they are nice to have on hand for those tricky to use shadows. I also found my beloved Estee Lauder Butter shadow there. They have a lot of discontinued MAC brushes-the 221, 223, and many more.

The main reason I go though is to pick up limited-edition items that I missed. On a two-part trip in September, I was able to get 9 items-including a backup of my beloved Helium pigment. The last time I went, they had items from the Stylistics collection, the N Collection MSF’s, a few Fafi and Heatherette pieces, and more. In Living Pink was definitely a good buy from there. They also tend to have several different brush sets, so if you bristle at paying $49.50 for a brush set, you can get one at the outlet for about $35. They have sets going as far back as Patternmaker, maybe some that go back even further. I am definitely getting myself a Colour Forms advanced brush set, as well as the Antiquitease face brush set…

Occasionally they do get some permanent brushes. They do usually have the 182, and sometimes there’s the 187 or 188. The 187, being one of the most coveted MAC brushes, is definitely one to pick up if you see it. Of course I wasn’t smart…I should have gotten a brush set on my birthday, but I got Helium and Lune Zartes instead.

As far as pricing goes, it usually is about 30% off retail…pigments are $13.75, eyeshadows and lipglasses are $10, paints and shadesticks are $11.75, brush sets usually $33.75, MSF’s $17.25, and so forth. It’s always worth a visit, and if you have one that’s kinda close but out of the way, call them to ask when they think their next shipment is coming in. I am definitely heading up in early November, to maybe get myself a brush set, but if not, then some eyeshadows and so forth.


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