What’s New At Sephora?

19 October, 2008

So when I am bored, I always like to see what fun stuff is new in at Sephora-and start making a wishlist. I’m in need of some MUFE false lashes for Halloween, but if I had tons of money…I’d be in danger.

Take, for instance, the new Bare Escentuals eye glimmer set. There are three shades of the eye glimmer (purple, bronze, and silver) along with a shadow brush and then primer. I have never used any of that Bare Minerals stuff, but this is definitely interesting me simply because I like glitter. It’s only $32 also!

There’s a new bodycare line called Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is all very sweet-inspired, like you could presume. Dylan’s Candy Bar is a behemoth candy store in NYC, started by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of Ralph. The small line (shower gel, lotion, sugar scrub, and body butter) is definitely one that would appeal to many, due to lack of many of the chemicals that people try and avoid, such as propylene glycol. I’m wanting the coconut one, because I want a true shaved coconut bon-bon scent and not an exotic or spicy coconut, or a tanning oil coconut.

Nars has a new blush-Super Orgasm. A lot of people swear by the original, because it is supposed to fake the whole, ahem, “afterglow”. Honestly, I am not out to have an “afterglow”, either real or from a blush, so this I will stay away from. I like my makeup to be more morally-friendly. (Okay, I just turned into Stephen Colbert) In all reality, I’m much more into mauves and bronzes in my blusher, which is why I love MAC’s Spaced Out blush from the Neo Sci-Fi collection. This is one pink that I will be avoiding, even if it is super-shimmery.

Laura Geller has a baked set-for $60, it’s a blush/brighten (looks like Porcelain Pink MSF), a balance/brighten (almost looks like Soft & Gentle MSF), a baked eyeshadow duo, a baked eyeliner duo, and a lipgloss. I have been wanting to try Laura Geller’s baked products for awhile, to see if they hold a candle to MAC’s Mineralize products.

Too Faced has their World Domination box-it’s like a little jewellery box that has 8 shadows, a duo bronzer, 6 lipglosses, a highlighter, eyeliner cake, brow powder cake, and then blush. It’s not all that expensive for what you get, the lipglosses are kept very separate, and it’s a musical jewelry box concept. That definitely makes it a lot more appealing for me. There also aren’t many neutrals in there, so I could see myself actually using the set. At $42, I’ve shortlisted it for Christmas.

(Around middle of October, I start writing everything I could possibly want for Christmas, and then I whittle it down to the more realistic things that the parents would actually be willing to buy (for example, I know I’m not getting the Napoleon Perdis items I want). From there, I mark things off that I want less, but I also keep it at a length to where the parents can choose. I would feel so guilty if I put a digital camera, Wii Fit, and the 12 Pro Pans I need on there. Also, some of the items are cookware, so I see it as being a bit more of an investment since it’s for when I move out…specifically, a set of griddles)

Vincent Longo has this INSANE set that is also shortlisted-it’s called “Venus Envy” and has a coral shade of their diamond lipgloss and then lipstick, as well as duo lip pencil (I need lipliner!), a small size of mascara, and then a Sex, Lux, Pax eye trio with a salmon-pink, a blueish-lavender, and an eggplant set of shades. I’m definitely into both purple eyes and coral lips (I preordered the MAC Coral Lips lipglass set), so this is a winner. The set itself is under $50, so also a good gift.

Too Faced has a set of four little Starry Liners. While I do love the glitter in the liners-more dimension than the UD liners-these dry out insanely fast. For $7 more, I can get three FULL-SIZED Urban Decay liners-so this is good if you like really small sizes, but I go for value.

The mascara test pack is back! Yes, it’s a little set, that for $35 has 10 different mascara trials. It’s really good for someone like me who is always looking for a new mascara, as well as I never fully use up a tube of mascara. It does NOT have Diorshow which is a bit of a surprise to me…but it’s still a really good gift option as well. Put a little mascara in with a gift basket and give the gift of great lashes. There is also a perfume tester one that has 10 different spray vials of various perfumes-Stella, Pink Sugar, Daisy, Princess, Amazing Grace, and Euphoria among them-as well as a travel sprayer, and then a voucher to get a full-size of one of those 10 fragrances. To be quite honest, I would totally do that and then come back and get Daisy. That perfume has been on the radar for a LONG time…I like the banana note, which is not a note I usually like. There is also a men’s set, that is thankfully devoid of Chrome, which should be destroyed.

There’s a really cool L’Occitane Shea set that has a little tin of the 100% Shea butter, a 1 ouncer of the Shea hand cream (I SWEAR BY THIS…), a shea bath bar, a shower cream, and a body lotion. It’s only $22, which is insane because I paid $18 at the outlet for a little set with that same size of 100% shea as well as the 1 ounce hand cream.

The main perfume I have been wanting to try is the new Lolita Lempicka one-Fleur de Corail. I am ADDICTED to L, I consider it to be my signature fragrance, and this is supposed to be a bit more floral, a bit lighter. The bottle is DEFINITELY very similar to L.

In other news, ULTA has really been upping their game lately. Yes, you can still go and get your sales on the low-end makeup, get beauty blockbusters, buy sunscreen, and get a haircut. But they recently have added Napoleon Perdis into their stable of brands, and then they are now stocking Benefit as well. I like going to ULTA because I have the selection of high-end brands right at my fingertips-okay, right outside my back door-and now Napoleon Perdis is right behind me, whereas it used to only be stocked in one place in WA state: the now-closed Olivine Atelier. I would love to see them expand into more prestige stuff, as well as include those in the coupons. The coupons on the ads I get sent-I can only use on my nail polishes and so forth.


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