My MAC Review: Part 1

19 October, 2008

Here are the pigments and the palettes that I have, and here are my reviews on them for y’all.

Aire-de-Blu: 3.5/5. I rank this one on the lower end because it’s very sheer. The colour is absolutely lovely, and I wish there was a shadow in that colour. However…it is very sheer, it’s only good to use in the crease, and thus I rarely ever reach for it.
Fuschia: 5/5. This colour I can use almost every day-between it being absolutely essential for my pink looks, amazing on the cheeks, or mixed with other pigments to create a new colour of lipgloss, it’s a go-to staple for me.
Gilded Green: 4/5. A nice, subdued green. Great for when I do green looks, which is maybe once a month.
Golden Lemon: 4/5. Don’t get me wrong… I love the colour (Bright Sunshine in pigment form, n’est-ce pas?). But it’s so chunky and hard to work with, I’d need a load of mixing medium to get it to stay on.
Helium: 5/5. A pigment I love so much, I bought a backup of it! A lot of people hate it because it is a very chunky-textured pigment, and thus that means lots of fallout. However, it’s such a versatile colour and a unique one at that, that I will run out of this before too much longer.
Jardin Aires: 4/5. Nothing super special, it’s a nice colour…but I’m not a neutral person. It is to me what Vanilla is to many other people.

Lark About: 4/5. I rarely ever reach for this because it is so blue-toned, but for my blue looks it is indispensable. Also it will be good for when I do frosty looks for Christmas.
Mutiny: 5/5. MAC, I don’t think, has ever done a colour like this. BRIGHT sky blue, frosty, but not chunky…it goes on like a dream and helps create nice looks.
Pink Pearl: 4/5. Good payoff, decent colour, but I don’t have a ton of use for it since it goes incredibly purple on me.
Royal Flush: 5/5. The closest to a true red pigment I will ever get, it’s subdued enough to where it makes incredible lower liner for my pink or purple looks, or I could use it in those for a smokey eye.
Silver Fog: 5/5. This is a pearl texture, and I love it. It seems to go on quite a bit smoother than the frosts, and the particles are way smaller, as you would expect. It is great for in the crease, for those aforementioned frosty looks, but also I love silver as an accent.
Teal: 3/5. This is a difficult colour to work with…it produces nice results, but on me, it stains.
Violet: 5/5. My first pigment, and an essential. This and Beautiful Iris are all I need for a dynamic eye.

Colour Forms Warm Lips: 5/5. Trust me, I require this-simply for Oh Garnet. I am paying $30 next week to get one in stick form…I love it. There are two other colours-Flash of Flesh lipglass, which people pay insane amounts for, and Fresh & Fun, which is an average peach…but Oh Garnet? HELLO!
Heatherette Trio 1: 4/5. This is a nice one for the Mood Ring shadow…Cloudburst is just a boring black with blue sparkles, and Hoppin’ is a pinker, frost version of Claire de Lune. I do like that the pans are the same size as normal shadow pans, so when I finish the colours, I can depot those pans and get some pro pans to put in there (ie Bright Sunshine, Pink Freeze, and then a better orange, if one comes out).
Gem Eyes: 5/5. Smokey eye in a box-but it’s a fun one, as there is no true black in there. All the shades are permanent, but it’s the case and the way that they are presented that makes it so appealing.
Eyes on Manish: 5/5. The perfect eye palette for a brights lover like myself.
Rock It! Prom Kit: 3.5/5. I paid nearly what would be full price for this one, and it was kinda worth it. I like having the lip products as well as the glitter creme, but the glitter cremes do dry out, so you need to put it by your heater to make it work. It is nice though.
Dazzle 4 Face: 4/5. This is a nice palette, it’s one of the Adorn palettes and it’s got a permanent lipstick and lipglass, as well as Shell CCB. It’s nothing remarkable, but good to have for the lipstuff.


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