How To Edit For Travel

19 October, 2008

When I say “edit”, I mean editing what you are going to be bringing with you, beauty-wise and otherwise, to only what you know you will need, plus a couple extra wants.

So as somebody who has spent her number of weekends away from home in her lifetime, I am definitely one who has learned the essentials to pack and not pack-at least for road trips and such. I have not had the luxury (heh) of air travel, so I’m not one to know about packing for planes. And yes, I would LOVE to be on The Amazing Race, but my backpack would be WORSE than the Pinks from season 9 (and that was BAD).

Anywhoo, here are a few easy steps.

*Bring palettes. I am not saying bring every palette, but if you are somebody who is well-versed in the MAC Pro Pan universe, then bring a 15-slotter with the colours you know you absolutely will use. If you don’t use the Pro Palettes, but you have some other random ones, bring one or two of them. Even the Lancome palette that I got (and rarely wear) from the Nordie’s Anniversary sale is a good one for travel, as I can very easily make several looks from it. If you have to take individual pots of shadow, it would be a good idea to plan out and write down looks, so that you can get the maximum versatility from the minimal amount.
*Don’t take every single pigment and glitter you own-get a bunch of little sample jars, and transfer an amount into there from the jar. Again, only take what you know you’ll get a ton of mileage out of.
*Neutrals are your friend. I know, it’s a bit of a sacriligeous statement from me. However, you can not only do a neutral look for when you are going to a more conservative place (ie church), but you can easily pair it with a brighter colour for something peppy but not overbearing.
*When it comes to your lip stuff, it can be harder if you are traveling by plane, because they are part of the liquids. Try and buy lipglasses that are more pigmented, palettes (a bit more painful to work with, however you get more versatility), and smaller sizes, if there are places that have them. I would say try and edit to no more than 5 lipsticks. Always keep a red in, and always a nice pink that can go with anything. The other three colours are up to you. My colours would be Kiss Manish, Port Red, Tropic Glow, Electro, and Girl About Town. If I ever get it, also add in Oh Garnet. Then when it comes to lipglosses, don’t feel the need to bring every one you have. Bring some basic flavoured ones, like the Beauty Rush from VS or Liplicious from my store. Bring one peach lipgloss (I swear by MAC’s Silly Girl, and I paid a LOT for it too), one pink (I love Totally It from the MAC Fafi collection), and then a red (Cult of Cherry or Rich & Ripe will do the trick). Of course, if you are traveling by plane and have checked luggage, check all but one or two of each of those, depending on how much room is in that tiny bag. They need to up the sizing…it’s not fair to us beauty addicts.
*As far as your face stuff goes, don’t bring everything and the kitchen sink. Bring only the products that you would wear on a normal basis. Of course, for me, my stash includes 5 skinfinishes, 3 different blushes, pressed beauty powder, a blushcreme, and a loose beauty powder! But that’s excessive, admittedly. I could edit it down, but I’m more seriously into makeup.

Skin Stuff
*As far as your lotions and body washes go, just keep a little thing of lotion and a little thing of shower gel in your case. If possible, try and find little one-ounce bottles and put your shower gel in there, because that can save space…and you’re not gonna be living out of your carryon! Of course, this tip applies to planes, but it also can apply to anybody. I use a LOT of shower gel when I’m in the shower, so I would run through a 2-ounce in a matter of days. That’s why I always take a larger size bottle, or better yet, a creamy body wash…because the creamy body washes work as a VERY effective shaving cream. Or, if you are really cramped for room, get a 3-ounce bottle and decant some 3/1 into there. Body wash, bubble bath, shampoo, shave cream…it’s the ultimate space-saver. As far as lotion goes, you don’t need to take your entire lotion collection. I am very bipolar when it comes to my fragrances, so I’d take little bottles in a few different fragrances, and then a big one of a special one (Cool Citrus Basil). I apply lotion like a fiend, some days up to 5 times a day, so it’s always important to have a ton of it.
*When it comes to perfumes, many places have little rollerball or travel sprays to go with your scent. When you go to buy perfume the next time though, ask if there are any other new ones to try. Usually whenever I get perfume, I always get a ton of little sample spray vials-and that is actually how I discovered L. Well they are perfect for travel, as they take up so little space, and you get several uses out of them. Not to mention they fit in a pocket! If you have a fragrance you absolutely love, but can’t bring yourself to take the full bottle, try and get it in an atomizer. I dunno exactly HOW it’s done, but I am planning on getting a travel atomizer and hopefully a refill of Angel Pivoine…so I can tote around that peony goodness with me.
*As far as body sprays go, keep one fragrance in a little bottle. I’m partial to the old Green Clover/Aloe that we used to carry…one of my favourite fragrances. Not to mention it just screams fresh and it won’t stink after a few hours.

*When it comes to clothes, take pieces that will travel well. In the winter, I love a nice pair of jeans-bring two pairs. I always need a dress or two, so I bring ones that won’t show a ton of wear. As far as shirts go, they are fairly easy, since tees roll-up very well. In the summer, it’s easier, since I just need sundresses, shorts, tanks, and swimsuits.
*Don’t bring too many dressy pieces, because 9 times out of 10 you aren’t going to be doing super-formal stuff every night. One little black dress can be worn many different ways depending on how it is accessorized-shoes, tights, jewellery, a scarf, a hairpiece, you name it.
*When it comes to shoes, you need no more than 5 pairs. You need a pair of flip-flops, a nice pair of flats for walking around, a pair of dressy shoes for those aforementioned events, and a pair of athletic shoes, since most hotels have a gym, and if they don’t, you can still get in a ton of exercise. You could stop at 4, but I also like to bring a pair of boots if it’s colder…as in my heeled, motorcycle-style boots that look amazing with jeans.
*And when it comes to jewellery and accessories, don’t skimp but don’t overload. Silk or faux-silk scarves are easy to pack and so very versatile. A statement necklace or earrings are crucial. Or, have one nice set that you wear, and a couple interchangeables.

Part of the reason why I am writing this is because I am hoping to travel next spring, and thus I need this as a reminder to myself first and foremost about how I can edit down my selection. I usually travel with several HUNDRED dollars worth of MAC, if not close to a grand, in my purse. And that’s the “daily stuff”. When I went to Malibu, I brought the whole damn traincase. Granted, it was mostly crap makeup with the random Lancome bit and bob…but still you don’t need that much.


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