Easy Pink Eye Look

19 October, 2008

So I was bored, and decided to try and do a simple pink look today. I dunno what it is, but I am not having a great day of it:( This is the kind of look that is good for everyday, but it’s also subdued enough for church.

Full-Face Pink.

Full-Face Pink.

I used: Angelcake shadow all over the lid, Solar White as a highlight, In Living Pink on the lid, Sushi Flower on the outer third, Fuschia pigment as top liner, Star Violet as lower liner, Urban Decay Zero shadow on the waterliner, and Helium pigment in the crease and as highlighter. I also used Petticoat MSF on the face along with Pink Swoon blush on the cheeks, and then on the lips I used Shine Manish lipglass.

Dupes: Angelcake=Pink Freeze (not a good dupe, but for this look it works as long as you only apply on the inner lid. Solar White=Crystal Avalanche. In Living Pink=Lancome Makeover (not a great dupe). Helium=no dupe, sorry! Pink Freeze lightly patted on may have the same effect. Petticoat=Fuschia+Vanilla+Rose pigments. Shine Manish=Gentle Simmer (not a great dupe). In the pics, it looks more red, but in reality it is a nice coral. I would almost say it’s a coral-ier, Lipglass version of Electro lipstick. You could do any lip you want with this…Plumful is another nice one to go with it, but I wanted to use Shine Manish. It is the most pigmented lipglass out there.

And yes, I am QUITE aware that my brows need mowing, but I have to wait another 5 days.


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