Daily Dozen

19 October, 2008

So in today’s edition of the Daily Dozen, I present the dozen nail polish colours I own that are most commonly on rotation.

1. OPI Lemonade Stand By Your Man. If I could only get this colour for my eyes, I would be happy as a pig in slop.

2. OPI Pompeii Purple. This ain’t exactly a purple…more of a fuschia. But it is gorgeous nonetheless.

3. Essie Showstopper. If I dumped rubies on my nails, this is what it would look like.

4. Essie Aruba Blue. It takes a brave soul to wear this bright royal blue…but I am always up for any nail colour, and this is amazing even though it does kinda stain your nails.

5. Essie Funships. This one was actually an ULTA clearance buy for me, but I love a good coral, and this one is not only very frosty, but it definitely skews orange.

6. Essie Jam & Jelly. You can never have too many hot pinks, and this is different from Pompeii Purple because while that has a blueish pearl in there, this is true hot pink.

7. OPI Friar, Friar Your Pants on Fire. Tomato red goodness…while Ido have an unknown amount of red polishes, this is definitely the most fun of them, it’s not a total vamp nail.

8. OPI Magnifico Mexico. It’s a pinkish terracotta colour, and it’s amazing on the toes. I will do any colour on my toes, to counteract the number of people who wear either nothing, or just do a French pedicure.

9. Essie China Doll. The vey first Essie that I tried, it’s a lovely frosty lavender that isn’t too pastel, and the frost makes it perfectly grown-up.

10. Essie Scarlett O’Hara. Now for a total vampy red…this fits the bill. It wears amazingly on me, and it is perfect for all those LBD occasions (not like I have any, mind you).

11. OPI Tijuana Dance?. This colour is not the type I normally go for-but the thing I like is that it is pigmented enough to give me enough coverage with two coats.

12. Essie Wrapped in Rubies. Okay, similar colour to Showstopper. But this is darker, while retaining the same pearl.


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