MAC for Manish Arora

18 October, 2008

So if you are a MAC fanatic, you were very aware about the big-shot collaboration with famed Indian fashion designer Manish Arora. Definitely seen as the enfant terrible in the Indian fashion scene to many, his designs are loud and fun, with prints and bright colours to satisfy even the most print-hungry person. He definitely could have done some Gwen Stefani designs…or can. I almost see her rockin’ the Manish Arora when she FINALLY reunites with No Doubt.

But anyways, the collection was 7 pieces, and for most, the only way to get it was online. I heard that at an event in NY (one of the few stores to actually carry the collection here in the States), it sold out in 15 minutes. Being that a) I want the LE stuff, b) I love Manish Arora, his designs, and prints, c) I love bright colours, and d) I am a sucker for fancy packaging, I actually woke up at 6 AM the morning of the 7th to get all of the pieces. The last collection like this, DressCamp, was only four pieces, and it sold out in the blink of an eye. This took a bit longer-as in a couple hours-to sell out. They did do a restock on three of the pieces, but they went FAST.

So I got my pieces in, and what is my verdict?

It was worth every penny and THEN SOME!

The main piece, in my eyes, was the Eyes on Manish palette. The packaging was neat-gold-tone metal, with hot pink on the top, overlaid with a circle print that seems to have kissing birds, with 18 heart-shaped crystals. The nice thing is that it isn’t a sticker, and after the whole Fafi sticker fiasco, this was definitely a big step in the right direction. The shades were all brights except for Nylon-you have to have a highlight shade in there. I only wish that they repromoed Rose Blanc, because that would have been way better than Nylon. Three shades-Nylon, Electric Eel, Deep Truth-can be bought at any MAC counter, and Bitter is available at all freestanding stores. The other two-Going Bananas and Playful-were from 2007 collections. As a fairly new MAC fanatic, I saw it as a way for me to try out some permanent shades, as well as get the packaging. The only other complaints are that I would have liked to see Bright Sunshine instead of Going Bananas, and then a repromo of Orange Tangent or Sunsplosion instead of Deep Truth. As far as payoff goes-Playful takes a bit of work, since it’s a satin. Going Bananas hates my makeup brushes. And Bitter is a velvet, so it takes more work with that.

There were two blushes-Pink Swoon is permanent, and Devil is a pro shade. Pink Swoon is a very good universally-flattering shade, one that everyone should get if they have the chance. It’s nice to have an actual blush, besides Spaced Out, and I have to wait for the 190 so I can properly enjoy Lune Zartes blushcreme. I thought it was bright, since I am not used to pinker blushes except for when I did drama…then I tried Devil. It looks exactly like the name-devil red-in the pot. And you need to apply this one with a very light hand…however when I was mopping the floor at work that night, it was easy to look flustered.

Two lipsticks came with this. Girl About Town is a permanent shade, but LE packaging makes it easier for me to buy. And after trying it, I am in love. Not only is it an amplified creme, but it’s a better version of Hollywood Nights (from the Heatherette collection). It’s bright pink, but still subdued enough. Then there is Kiss Manish-almost like Port Red met Sci-Fi-Delity. It’s got the warmness to it, but at the same time it’s still reddish. Even though it could easily be duped, I am so glad I got it, since those colours are ones I aspire to have.

Finally the two lipglasses. Pink Manish is a nice, cotton-candy pink with silver sparkle, and it is good on its own or over Girl About Town. I have so many pink lipglasses, but this is different. As for Shine Manish, it’s nice because it’s not like Pink Grapefruit or Orangedescence-Pink Grapefruit is a lot darker and bronzey, Orangedescence is a sherbert orange-but Shine Manish is a coral-orange.

Also with my order, I bought Bright Sunshine eyeshadow, since it was available on the US site. It was definitely worth the money, if for no other reason to finally have a workable frosty yellow eyeshadow. I rocked the yellow eyes all through high school, and I have two very-broken copies of Lancome’s Slide, which used to be my favourite shade. It takes a lot of building up to get to the colour I want, however I can do some amazing toucan eyes without the mess of Golden Lemon.


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