Daily Dozen!

18 October, 2008

Woot! Here is today’s Daily Dozen…and the topic is: What dozen products could I feasibly edit my makeup stash down to? This does not include brushes. However I would pack along my Antiquitease eye brush set, the face brush set I will be getting eventually (heh), and my 210.

1. Diorshow mascara. I was just introduced to this, and it is amazing. I have long, lovely lashes, but this makes them ginormous.

2. The MAC for Manish Arora palette. It is, I believe, the first MAC palette to have so many bright colours in it, and because I love brights, this is a winner.

3. My MAC Pro Palette. When it is finished, it will have the following shades: Crystal Avalanche, Juiced, Creme de Violet, Parfait Amour, Beautiful Iris, Star Violet, Pink Freeze, Beauty Marked, Bright Sunshine, Bitter, Goldmine, Stars ‘n Rockets, Sushi Flower, Moon’s Reflection, and Aquadisiac.

4. My MAC Gem eyes palette. All of the shades are permanent, however it’s a smokey eye to die for in a little box.

5. MAC Cult of Cherry lipglass. The perfect red for me…it’s warm, but not orange-y, and it isn’t so opague that I leave a red slug trail behind me.

6. Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box. Because you can never have too many shadows!

The other 6 are after the cliff.

7. Urban Decay VIP 24/7 liner set. It has the 5 colours I need-gold, emerald green, teal, purple, and black.

8. MAC Petticoat MSF. This is heaven on cheeks. Plus, each one looks like a little work of art.

9. MAC Northern Light MSF. The first, and best, MSF I have ever tried…not too harsh for my light skin, and it’s got enough red to it to not be overtly bronzer-ish.

10. MAC Girl About Town lipstick. First off, it’s an amplified cream. Second, it is so nice and bright, but doesn’t scream costume-y or overdone.

11. MAC Miss Fizz Dazzleglass. So bright, so sparkly…must give into temptation…

12. MAC Helium pigment. If there is one pigment I cannot live without, it is this. It is the most unique colour, and while it is a PITA to work with, it is so worth it, plus gives an amazing highlight.


Honestly…editing to 12 products is very difficult, and I did kinda cheat by doing palettes. Here’s what I would have also taken, in my second dozen:

MAC Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass
MAC Silly Girl Lipglass
MAC Delphic Fluidline
MAC So Ceylon MSF
MAC Port Red lipstick
MAC Tropic Glow slimshine
MAC Electro lipstick
MAC Colour Forms warm lips palette…or better yet, just Oh Garnet lipstick.
MAC Violet pigment
MAC Mutiny pigment
MAC Heatherette Trio 1
MAC Royal Flush pigment (it was hard to decide between that and Fuschia, honestly)

So what does that tell me? A, I have a good amount of makeup. I took a total of my MAC collection, as of Thursday, and it was valued at over $1700…that’s up from $90 9 months ago. B, I don’t buy makeup just for the sake of collecting. I buy it because I like the shades in a given palette/collection/so forth, although I did buy every Manish Arora piece…


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